CYMA Software
Payroll Processing & Accounting Simplified

Helping payroll processing organizations grow and thrive in an ever changing environment.

CYMA Payroll and Accounting Software Solutions

CYMA Payroll and Accounting Software is designed for volume payroll processing and unique markets that process complex payroll. Through Employee Self-Service, the CYMA payroll software extends to the web allowing maximum flexibility.

At its core, CYMA has been producing Accounting Software solutions since 1980. A full suite of modules round out a complete financial management application for any organization.

Corporate Payroll & Accounting

CYMA Payroll Software is an ideal solution for companies with 50+ employees. From Employee Self-Service to ACA tools, CYMA Payroll Software offers payroll features designed for growing organizations.

PEO Payroll Software

The CYMA Payroll Software solution is engineered for volume payroll processing and billing organizations. Our industry designed software tools, help process thousands of checks in minutes at just pennies per check.

Fiscal / Employer Agent

Designed specifically for the consumer or participant/attendant model. With embedded Schedule R 940/941 and support for household workers, dozens of F/EA and Consumer Directed Services manage payroll and human resources with CYMA.

Franchise Payroll Software

Considering high turnover and unique payroll needs, CYMA's franchise payroll software offers tools and functionalities well equiped for any franchise ownership group.

Payroll Services Software

CYMA's Payroll Services model allows for separation of companies for additional bookkeeping services. Tools like streamline payroll, allow Payroll Services to grow their clientele.

Staffing Payroll Software

CYMA's Staffing Payroll Solution allows for volume payroll processing with the work order at the heart of the system. Manage employees through Employee Self-Service and create new efficiencies.