CYMA Managed Backup


Simply setup an account, backup some data, and Keep It Safe will contact you before billing.  You can cancel service at any time and there are no annual agreements. For more information visit

  • Are you tired of manually backing up your CYMA data?
  • Are you sick of managing tape backups?
  • Perhaps you don't even backup your CYMA data at all.
  • Is today the day that disaster strikes?

CYMA Managed Backup is an online service that offers a convenient, automatic backup of your CYMA data without backup tapes. Integrated with within CYMA System Manager, CYMA Managed Backup allows you to schedule automatic backups at anytime you choose. And since your backup data is maintained in a secure offsite location, you can be sure your CYMA data is protected from unforeseen circumstances.

You can backup any range of data - not just CYMA. That means you can backup forms, company records, important documents, and more. If disaster strikes, you'll be back up and running in no time.

CYMA Managed Backup is available from the System Manager/Utilities menu or you can install CYMA Managed Backup separately to your computer.

Click here for pricing, details and a free trial or choose CYMA Managed Backup from the Utilities menu.