CYMA MICR Check Package

The MICR Check Package contains everything required to print plain paper checks directly from CYMAIV Accounting Software. The package includes:

  • MICR Fonts
  • Plain Paper Accounts Payable Check Formats (7)
  • Plain Paper Payroll Check Formats (2)
  • Plain Paper Client Write-Up Check Formats (1)

Once installed the check formats are accessed within CYMA just like any other check format. The check formats print the following information on a blank piece of check stock.

  • Your Company Name in the upper left hand corner
  • Check Number in the upper right hand corner
  • "Pay to the order of" and Payee Name
  • Check Amount
  • Signature Line
  • Bank Account and Routing Information in MICR font

Check stub information varies according to the check format.

Paper Requirements
CYMA recommends plain paper check stock from the CYMA Forms Division (800-449-6533 or You may, however, purchase plain paper check stock from a number of sources. Be sure that check stock purchased meets industry paper specifications for checks.

MICR Toner Cartridges
Banking industry specifications checks call for the use of magnetic ink (MICR) toner cartridges for the printing of checks. The CYMA Forms Division (800-449-6533 or offers MICR toner cartridges. Some banks will accept checks printed with standard laser cartridge toner; however it is recommended to contact the specific bank for details and confirmation.

All users with access to "print checks" menus in CYMA have access to MICR check formats. Therefore, you should review your security settings in CYMA (System Manager / Maintain Users) and ensure that only authorized personnel have access to these functions.