CYMA State Payroll Forms

CYMA State Payroll Forms eases producing cumbersome state forms by automatically populating with live CYMA data.

Tired of manually producing required state payroll reporting forms? Have you wished that the CYMA Payroll system could automatically fill out these time consuming forms? Now you can with the CYMA State Payroll Forms powered by Aatrix.

CYMA State Payroll Forms SPF) is an add-on to CYMA Payroll and/or After-the-Fact Payroll. It provides laser printed forms for over 250 state payroll forms including state new hire, state withholding, state unemployment, and many more. Click here for a full list of available state forms.

With this software the CYMA system can automatically produce both the required data and the form, printing a laser fileable form on a blank piece of paper.

Features and Benefits

  • Prints completed state and federal unemployment, withholding and new hire forms on plain paper - These tedious and time consuming reports no longer have to be completed by hand. Forms that used to take all morning or afternoon to prepare are done in a matter of seconds directly through CYMA.
  • Seamlessly integrates with CYMA Payroll - These reports are printed just as easily as any other report in CYMA Payroll. Simply select the report from the Reports menu and the completed report is viewable on-screen. Then simply print to plain paper and mail or e-File the forms.
  • Federal and State Payroll Forms allows you to e-File! - Instead of printing the reports on plain paper, you have the option to e-File. Simply click the e-File button on the form and it's transmitted directly to the Aatrix FormServer here Aatrix does all the filing.

    e-File is perfect for companies needing to file via Magnetic Media. Instead of struggling with putting all payroll files in the proper state or federal mag media format on diskette, click the e-File button and you are finished! e-File is included with every CYMA State Payroll Form package. (e-File fee’s may apply)
  • Guaranteed accurate- Aatrix keeps the Payroll Forms up to date with all report changes via web site downloads. Aatrix staff is in direct contact with the forms departments of every state and in most cases are made aware of new forms changes even before the reporting services.
  • Payroll Forms for every state! CYMA State Payroll Forms powered by Aatrix is an incredible value with reports not for just one or two states, but all 50!

Supported Forms

CYMA State Payroll Forms supports over 250 State and Federal Payroll Forms. These forms are kept current on an annual basis, guaranteeing always current, compliant state forms. Click here for a complete list of available forms.

How it Works

CYMA State Payroll Forms uses your CYMA data to automatically populate a variety of state and federal forms. To access state payroll forms from CYMA simply choose Process / Payroll Forms in the Payroll Module. A report selection screen with a wide variety of options appears. Available options include date ranges, draft print options, and e-File enabling. Once the report and options are selected, a preview of the completed, populated form is available. The form is now ready to be printed to plain paper, e-File or save as a draft.

Step 1.
Step 1
CYMA SPF is accessed in CYMAIV through Payroll / Process / Payroll Forms.

Step 2.
Step 2
Report options are given in a CYMA interface.

Step 3.
Step 3
After specifying options, an automatically completed form is ready for printing to plain paper or e-filing.


Rather than printing state payroll forms and mailing them, CYMA SPF provides the ability to e-File your forms through Aatrix at the press of a button. Once you have specified report options and viewed the onscreen preview, clicking the e-File button electronically files the form.

This files the form exclusively with Aatrix secure servers. For a nominal fee Aatrix files the forms with the appropriate state agency. Click here for Aatrix's current e-File pricing.