CYMA NFP Accounting Software

Not-For-Profit organizations need an accounting software package designed for the specific nature of the nonprofit industry. Since 1980, thousands of nonprofit clients have depended on CYMA Not-For-Profit Accounting Software (NFP) for their financial needs. CYMAIV Not-For-Profit Edition represents significant value for mid-sized nonprofits.

Available CYMA Not-For-Profit Edition Modules include:

Nonprofit specific functionality includes:
  • "Out of the box" FASB117 compliant financial statements written with Crystal Reports.
    • Statement of Financial Position
    • Statement of Activities
    • Statement of Activities - Year to Date
    • Statement of Functional Expense Columnar, Portrait
    • Statement of Cash Flows Worksheet
  • Automatic inter-fund offset entries are created based on the definitions set up in this new feature to keep funds in balance. This accommodates "due to" and "due from" tracking in the AR and AP modules.
  • All reports include the fund or department selection criteria in the report heading.
  • Account types are customized to non-profit accounting classifications. Some account types included are:
    • Pledges Receivable
    • Permanently Restricted
    • Special Event Revenue
    • Inter-fund Receivable 
    • Cash Contributions
    • Program Expenses
    • Inter-fund Payable
    • Non-Cash Contributions
    • Fund Raising Expenses
    • Unrestricted 
    • Grants and Contracts
    • Donated Services & Materials
    • Temporarily Restricted 
  • Optional Grant Tracking and Grant Management
  • Automatic Offset
  • Fund Maintenance and Balancing with “due to” and “due from” accounts
  • Fund Tracking: Unrestricted, Temporarily Restricted and Permanently Restricted
  • Due To / Due From Tracking