CYMA Accounting

CYMA adds Contracting Flexibility with Attachments

Tempe, Arizona - September 28, 2009 -CYMA Accounting Software added support for attachments in their legacy accounting software products with the release of CYMAIV Version 11. Through modules like Job Costing and Project Tracking, contractors can link contracts, project images, blueprints and other supporting documentation to any job or project.

CYMA’s Job Costing is a cost accounting application, ideally used in construction, government contractor and development organizations. Any type of file can be attached to a job or project where it can be conveniently recalled from a central, organized location. Additionally, CYMA accounting customers can add attachments throughout the accounting system, increasing functionality and productivity in other CYMA modules like Payroll and Accounts Receivable.

CYMA is installed at over 3000 business and nonprofit organizations nationwide. A thirty day trial of CYMA Accounting Software is available through the CYMA website at