CYMA Accounting

CYMA HR - Human Resources Portal Management

Tempe, Arizona - October 26, 2009 -Accounting and payroll software provider, CYMA Systems, has added a new human resources product to their expanding suite of business software offerings. CYMA's web-based human resources system, CYMA HR, provides the bridge between CYMA's payroll software and the employee management needs of their customer base.

"CYMA payroll is used in thousands of locations across the United States. One of the most requested additions has been that of a human resources integration." says Sheila Merryman, Vice President of Operations. "With CYMA's new online HR system, we can provide robust and mobile employee management to our large and small customers alike"

CYMA HR offers employees a self-service web portal for determining benefits, timesheet information, and company policies and news. Beyond employee management, administrators can use CYMA HR to keep up to date on the latest state and federal laws, employee forms, and best human resources practices.

The CYMA HR web portal functions as a standalone HR system and is available for sale to any business or organization, however; existing CYMA payroll software clients have built in import capabilities. CYMA's payroll module has garnered significant accolades; by adding human resources capabilities, CYMA expands into numerous markets and provides a complete payroll solution.

Pricing and availability of the CYMA human resources solution depends on configuration. A thirty day trial of CYMA Accounting Software is available through the CYMA website at