Announcing EfficientHire Strategic Partnership
A New Onboarding Solution for CYMA Payroll Customers

CYMA is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Efficient Forms (EF), developers of the EfficientHire Complete Onboarding Solution. The EfficientHire Solution is low cost, full-featured electronic onboarding software that completely automates the new hire process. That includes all required State, Federal and other Tax Documents, New Hire Forms, Agreements, Custom Forms, Training Guides, and much more! It is a perfect system for Payroll Service companies and for corporate end-users with high employee turnover and/or active employee recruiting needs. Check out the short video below!

In addition to the​ complete Onboarding Solution, Efficient​Hire​ offers a world-class Applicant Tracking System for recruiting new employees​. Need a Tax Break? EfficientHire specializes in ​screening your New Hires for the Federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) ​Program. EfficientWOTC processing is handled in-house with a dedicated staff that will follow your WOTC applications to the state and gain a Certificate of Credit for your bottom line. Once you are setup; as you hire new employees, sit back and collect thousands!

Review the an illustrated example of the CYMA WOTC solution or attend a free webinar using the links below.


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