CYMA After-The-Fact Module

CYMA After-The-Fact Benefits & Features

  • Quick Entry Transactions help clear a stack of transactions in a hurry
    • Enter Receipts, Journal Entries, Disbursements and Electronic Payments for multiple customers or vendors in a single grid
    • Options like incremental check numbers and default dates further speed data entry
    • Batch controls warn against entering more than the intended transactions
    • A wide range of grid fields ensure nearly any details of a transaction can be noted. User column functionality can also be used to customize the displayed grid fields.
  • Supports an unlimited number of companies right out of the box
  • Supports an unlimited number of accounts
  • Support up to a 24 digit alphanumeric account mask with 10 segments.
  • Store and maintain detailed vendor information like demographics.
  • Store custom information about vendors like beginning 1099 amounts, notes or virtually any data.
  • Full integration with other CYMA modules, provides quick entry grids that enhance data entry