CYMA Client Billing Benefits & Features

With CYMA Payroll's already vast capabilities, Client Billing is an outstanding, cost effective solution
for many Payroll Service, PEO, ASO and Fiscal Agent organizations!

  • Unlimited Number of Employees within the client
  • Quick and Easy to setup and implement
  • Internal controls - Once data has been sent to CYMA Accounts Receivable, the client will have the
    option of changing, or deleting, prior to creating an actual invoice for billing.
    Note: Changes made in Accounts Receivable do not write back to Payroll.


Calculating Client Payroll Service Fees

  • Billing Criteria(s) determine the criteria in which costs/fees are calculated
  • Billing Tab(s) - Allows for review of information prior to sending and creating the Accounts Receivable invoice
  • Forecast - Best for Payroll that does not change between Periods -- The Forecast option will collect information based upon Employee Defaults.
  • Calculated - Best for Payroll that changes frequently --The Calculated option collects information based upon actual Payroll made and processed entries. This option is used after payroll has been entered, generated and calculated
  • Billing tab that provides default values (products, summary markup percent, Fixed Fees per Employee and Miscellaneous Charges) when adding new Fiscal Agent or Professional Employer Organization (PEO) clients.
  • "Feature" tab on Maintain Clients for specifying which features are billable to the client.
  • Feature-level detail markup percentage logic to Process Client Billing.
  • Option to "Bill Markup and Fees Only" and not the actual payroll on Maintain Client Billing Configuration.
  • AR Customers are automatically created from Maintain Clients if all customer required fields are satisfied on the client record and AR Maintain Configuration