CYMA Client Billing

CYMA Client Billing is designed for organizations that provide Payroll Services to their clients and who need to bill those clients for services rendered. Such organizations are typically Payroll Employee Organizations – PEO's, Staffing Agencies, Temporary Agencies, Accountants, and/or general Payroll Services.

All within the CYMA Payroll module, the Payroll Client Billing feature stores data by client, calculate costs by employee and then smoothly sends the cost information to CYMA Accounts Receivable for billing to the client.

With CYMA Payroll’s already vast capabilities, this new addition makes it an outstanding, cost effective solution for many Payroll Service type organizations!

  • Unlimited Number of Employees within the client
  • Quick and Easy
  • Internal controls - Once data has been sent to CYMA Accounts Receivable, the client will have the option of changing, or deleting, prior to creating an actual invoice for billing. 
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