CYMA Employee Self-Service

CYMA Employee Self-Service Benefits

  • Employee Self-Service - Secure, anytime/anywhere payroll information access to your employees through any web browser
  • Employees can enter time sheets / Supervisors can approve time entries
  • Payroll system administrator can define who has access to the Employee Self-Service system, arrange for PIN's to sent via e-mail and ensure that all access is done in a secure manner
  • Employees can print and view:
    • Check History/Deposit Advices
    • Historical W2's
    • Current W2 Payroll Proof Report
    • Personal Information
  • Employers can manage delivery of:
    • Deposit Advices
    • W2's (available employee worked years since 2007)
    • Personal Information
  • Company event calendar & company wide notification options on the main welcome page
  • Employee to management contact forms: use self created HTML forms for highly customizable email communication between employees and Supervisors / Managers. Examples include time off requests, emergency contact change, or any form that you wish to create!
  • Proof Report for daily time entry import to the Employee Self-Service Portal
  • Time entries can be imported to the Employee Self-Service portal by period
  • A powerful set of "Manager View" queries allow supervisors and HR Managers to review critical employee information such as Expiring Certifications, Training Class Enrollment, Employee Contact information and more.  
  • Advanced UI, report filters and query controls