CYMA Job/Project Cost Software Solution

CYMA Job/Project Cost Software Benefits

  • Eliminate spreadsheets and manual calculations!
  • Flexible invoicing through over 25 billing methods (Fixed Price, Time & Materials, Cost Plus etc.)
  • Give managers real time view of detailed job costs, outstanding PO commitments, invoices and payments to date
  • Budget Estimator supporting Estimated Units & Completed Units allows for a "Unit Cost Variance" report. This report allows managers to see cost impact and cost variance based on budget, cost to date as compared to estimated and completed units. "Estimated Units" can be altered to review various budgeting scenarios.
  • Multi Job Invoicing - Automatically create invoices for multiple jobs at one time. Jobs can also be added to a user defined Billing Group for inclusion in multi-job invoicing.
  • Improve job profitability when processing overhead allocation by job and/or by date range
  • Eliminate work duplication - easily copy jobs and/or prior estimate costs
  • Attach any file (images, specifications, blueprints, etc.) to a Job
  • Users can easily refer back to, edit or create a job during the prepare invoice process through the use of a "Job" button
  • Smart Certified Payroll and Time Entry features
  • Multi-Job Invoicing - Invoice a range of jobs with different invoicing terms, all at once
  • Maintain Base Job provides a "Total Job Picture Financially, Working Capital and all Job Activities"
  • Determine Job Profitability Performance based on actual vs. estimated units

CYMA Job/Project Cost Software Features

  • Multiple Bank Accounts
  • Encryption of Social Security numbers
  • Post in detail to GL
  • Post by transaction date or check date
  • Time Entry posts automatically from Payroll to Job Costing
  • Custom data fields
  • Job Mask & Job Mask Reporting - 10 character, 5 segment job numbers (Prime, Sub, Task, Change, Orders)
  • 5 ways to budget each job
    • Detail - By Cost Item and Period
    • Summary
    • Summary by Cost Type
    • Summary by User Defined Cost Code
    • Cost Category
  • Cost Plus invoicing with Profit Percentage
  • Applied Overhead calculated automatically
  • User Defined Overhead Matrix
  • User Defined Cost Categories & Cost Codes
  • Transaction Classification Codes
  • Manage "retainage" with assignable retainage percentage
  • Default Cost Category
  • Copy Job functionality - copied existing Job creates new fully editable job.
  • Copy prior estimate costs or use the product's current unit costs
  • Create Purchase Orders from Job Cost Estimates
  • Auto Invoice Capability for Recurring Charges
  • Tie multiple jobs under a base job "umbrella" to see the total financial impact of all aspects of a project
  • Produce various budget scenarios with the Job Cost Budget Estimator. The Budget Estimator supports "Estimated Units" and "Completed Units" to produce a "Unit Cost Variance" report providing managers with detailed cost impact and cost variance information.
  • Optionally Use Certified Rates
  • Multi Job Invoicing - Automatically create invoices for multiple jobs at one time. Jobs can also be tied to a user defined billing group where common job groupings may or may not exist.
  • Optional "Do Not Exceed Contract Value" warning
  • System-calculated fields for Budget Totals, Profit Margin Amount and Profit Margin Percent at the bottom of Budget tab.
  • Populate Entry Grids with employees assigned to a job number
  • User defined columns on labor entry grids
  • Purchase Order Number available on the Budget Estimator Grid
  • Users can easily refer back to, edit or create a job during the prepare invoice process through the use of a "Job" button
  • Option to use the higher of the hourly rates (employee or certified) on labor entries (JC Enter Labor Batches and PR Enter Time Entry) flagged as "Certified"
  • A Default Invoicing Method for use when adding New jobs or base jobs
  • Attach documents, files, images or locations to any JOB
  • The Job Cost Enter Labor Batches grid auto fills the employee's default hours
  • The Enter Labor Batches grid repeats the Employee ID in subsequent rows
  • For quicker Job setup, the system includes several defaulted fields
  • In Maintain Employees, a default for "number of hours" can be defined
  • Drill down to the "invoiced to date" and "payment to date" fields.

Detailed Job Information

The CYMAIV Job Costing system tracks a wealth of information for each job. Job information includes:

  • 10 digit job number
  • 30 character job description
  • Customer Number
  • Job Status (Open or Closed)
  • Contract Number
  • Sales Order Number
  • Job Type (User Defined)
  • Invoiced to Date
  • Costs to date
  • Payments to date
  • Contract Value
  • Budget to Date
  • Costs/Budget Percentage to date
  • ITD / Total Contract %
  • Actual Cost / Total Budget %
  • Use Certified Rates
  • Project Manager (User defined)
  • Billing Method (Fixed Price, Cost Plus, Time & Material, Estimate to Complete)
  • Cost Plus Markup Percentages for 6 cost categories
  • Start date and end date
  • User selectable, job specific Posting Information (costs are posted to WIP or COGS)
  • User Define WIP & COGS movements
  • Job Specific Pricing for products
  • Job specific GL accounts for each cost type
  • Unlimited Job Notes
  • Unlimited user defined custom fields per job
  • Retainage and Retainage Rate at Job Level
  • Secondary sort on activity report

Job Cost Categories

Costs are tracked by one of six job cost types:

  • Direct Labor
  • Direct Material
  • Other Direct Costs
  • Subcontractor
  • Other Costs
  • Overhead

Flexible General Ledger Integration

The job costing system is fully integrated with the CYMA General Ledger. The job costing module provides a very flexible way of assigning GL accounts for a job.

  • Default GL accounts at the Job Cost Configuration level:
    • WIP Direct Material
    • WIP Direct Labor
    • WIP Other Direct Costs
    • WIP Subcontractor
    • WIP Other Costs
    • WIP Overhead
    • COGS Direct Material
    • COGS Direct Labor
    • COGS Other Direct Costs
    • COGS Subcontractor
    • COGS Other Costs
    • COGS Overhead
  • GL accounts can be identical or unique per job cost type
  • Each job may have a unique set of GL accounts per job cost type
  • Post through to the GL upon save
  • GL entries are automatically created when costs are transferred between jobs and when WIP costs are moved to COGS
  • GL Journal Entries with a job number are automatically posted to the job
  • Post job cost entries to the GL in detail or in summary. Summary posting summarizes entry to each unique occurrence of GL account, job number and job cost type.
  • GL Journal Entries use cost codes

Full Integration with Other Modules

The Job Costing system is also fully integrated with Accounts Payable, Payroll, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Inventory Control, Sales Order and Purchase Order.

  • Assign job number to AP invoices, purchase orders, AR invoices and payroll entries.
  • AP invoices and payroll checks post automatically to the Job Costing module
  • When AP invoices and Payroll checks are unposted (or voided) entries are automatically removed from the job cost file
  • Automatic assignment of job cost type when entering AP invoices
  • User defined table of Skill levels contains billing rates for different types of labor
  • Job Cost billing process automatically creates AR invoice for billing purposes.
  • View all Purchase Orders associated with a given Job

Capture Other Job Charges

Not all items to billed on a job have their origin as a "job cost"; the system allows entering "job charges" that do not originate in an accounts payable, payroll or general ledger entry.

  • Create job specific billing rates for skill levels and products
  • Simple job charge data entry for product job charges and labor job charges
  • Job Charges may be transferred between jobs

Flexible Billing

The CYMA Job Costing System allows amazing flexibility in determining costs to bill and the format of customer invoices.

  • Easily select job charges to bill by cost type and date range
  • Each individual job charge may be marked-up/down as appropriate
  • Mark-ups and Mark-downs are tracked for statistical reporting
  • Costs are automatically adjusted by job specific percentage for "cost plus jobs"
  • Automatic AR Invoice Creation
  • Select from 4 different Job Cost Invoice formats or custom creation of invoices
  • AR Invoice posting writes back billing information to the job file

Powerful Processing

  • Use advanced features to control job cost data entry, invoicing and job management
  • Powerful job transfer feature allows for moving costs and charges between jobs. General Ledger entries, where appropriate, are automatically created
  • WIP to COGS feature allows for user selectable costs to be moved from WIP accounts to COGS accounts when revenue is recognized on a job
  • Close or Re-Open Jobs at any time - closed jobs may be billed, but no further entries are allowed
  • Move Jobs to history function allows for smaller job transaction files and faster overall performance

Powerful Reporting

  • Job Listing
  • Summary Job Listing
  • Job Listing Summary By Prime Job
  • Budget to Actual Comparison (Summary)
  • Budget to Actual (Detail)
  • Budget to Actual (Cost Only)
  • Job Types
  • Skill Listings
  • Product Listing
  • Project Manager Listing
  • Budget Reports
  • Open Commitment Purchasing Reports by Job, Cost Type and Products