CYMA Purchase Order Module

CYMA Purchase Order Benefits

  • Helps prevent over budget conditions when used with General Ledger module
  • Drop ship ready
  • Historical prior purchase orders help track cost changes
  • Works with Inventory and Sales Order as part of an advanced backorder processing system
  • With Inventory helps prevent purchasing items after a given date
  • Attach a file, image, location or any file to any Product
  • Requisition approval process
  • Use of Buyer IDs: Tie purchasing agent to a CYMA login, assign PO dollar limits, and set other permissions
  • Print or email purchase orders

CYMA Purchase Order Features

  • Supports system generated or manual Purchase Orders
  • Full Integration with Accounts Payable
  • Budget Control/Encumbrance feature warns/prevents PO's that result in over-budget conditions
  • Send Purchase Orders to printer or email
  • Email Purchase Orders automatically when posting inventory receipts for backordered products
  • Export PO's to CSV
  • Optional use of Product ID's with vendor specific pricing
  • Update product costs based on Purchase Order, AP Invoice, or both
  • Multiple Bill-To's and Ship-To's
  • Line Level Special Instructions
  • Cross-References on the fly
  • Purchase order level notes, special instructions, and user defined fields
  • Importing an AP invoice automatically re-opens the purchase order
  • Return to Vendor capability
  • Drop Ship capability
  • Requisition capability
  • Purchase Order Status Inquiry
  • Printed Sales Order Number on Purchase Order
  • Purchase Order converts Unit of Measure on defaulted units/cost
  • "Delivery Days" field - automatically gets added to the PO date to calculate the PO due/delivery date
  • Prevent Purchase After Date on SM Product (requires Inventory Control)
  • Purchasing Manager Security Level for Budget Overrides
  • Audit report for Purchase Order changes
  • Alert option to notify user when saving an AP Invoice mapped to a Purchase Order if an Invoice line's unit cost is greater than the PO line's unit cost.
  • Attach a file, document or location to any product
  • User can Reprint a Purchase Order directly from the Purchase Order Entry Screen
  • F6 "Hotkey" feature can view previous purchases of a product
  • Buyer IDs: Tie purchasing agent to a CYMA login; PO dollar limits; default order type per buyer; and permissions to change the buyer id in Enter Purchase Orders
  • Close Purchase Order process for closing POs and Requisitions en mass by date and other filters
  • Validate Buyer's dollar limit is not exceeded when printing PO
  • Ability to string e-mail addresses
  • Open Commitment By Fund Report (NFP Version)
  • Assign funds to Purchase Order (NFP Version)

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