CYMA System Manager Module

CYMA System Manager Benefits

  • Set up batch reports for quick reporting
  • User Defined Report Lists allow for quicker and more efficient report handling
  • Supports an unlimited number of companies out of the box
  • Strong user security by module, menu item, reports and functionality, based off user type or administrator customization
  • Specify data entry preference by user from three types for maximum efficiency
  • Advanced utilities allow for increased performance
  • Customizable eDesk allows total HTML customization, branding and report/menu shortcuts all from one page
  • Embedded help, tutorials and getting started guides
  • Attach documents, images, locations, or any file to any Customers, Vendors, Products, Jobs, Employees, Project and Grants

CYMA System Manager Features

  • Spreadsheet-like grid control used throughout
  • "Tabbed-Dialog" box
  • Multiple Document Design allows multiple modules and/or windows to be open concurrently
  • Pervasive.SQL Version 10 database
  • Detailed audit trail on modification and deletions
  • Data is entered in file transactions where entire batches of data are committed completely or not at all, ensuring that whole transactions (header and detail records) are completed
  • Unlimited Companies
  • Perform string based searches
  • Named Report Batches
  • Copy Companies
  • Cash or accrual accounting methods supported
  • Allocate transactions to Jobs, Grants, Projects and Transaction Classification Codes
  • Attach documents, files or locations to any Customer, Vendor, Product, Job, Employee, Project and Grant
  • Support for duplicate products
  • Optional auto popup calendar when entering data in date fields
  • Calculator added to all currency and quantity fields (accessed by pressing Ctrl-T)
  • System remembers the last defined "# of copies printed" when printing checks, invoices, statements, reports
  • Window size is saved after close (sticky windows)
  • Improved performance of reports. Reports will run faster if the highlighted selection criteria is used.


User Features
  • Three different keyboard modes are provided to accommodate fast data entry for heavy keypad users as well as to accommodate users who prefer little use of the mouse
  • Fixed or floating decimal entry options
  • System functions are designed to allow use of the keyboard or mouse, depending on user preference
  • Notes can be kept for all master records with or without automatic "pop-up" capability
  • Comprehensive context-sensitive help system. (F1)
  • Use the mouse scroll wheel in browser screens
  • Purge GL History
  • Purge Payroll
  • Purge Inactive Records
  • User defined CYMA menus and interactive Workflow Entry Diagrams in eDesk allow for custom, enhanced menu access
  • User Defined Report Lists

System Security Features

  • Multi-level security by:
    • Companies Modules
    • Entry Screens Reports
    • System Functions (i.e., posting, printing)
    • Module Access
    • eDesk URL Linking
    • Full Access menu level
    • Sales Manager override
  • Social Security Number Encryption at the database level
  • Optional activity timer requires users to enter the password again when there has been no keyboard or mouse activity on the workstation after a specified time lapse
  • View Access menu level
  • Audit Trails by user for record changes or additions

Report Features

  • Optional Crystal Reports module allows users to modify system reports and create new reports that can be added as selections to the Report menus
  • User Defined Transaction Classification Codes
  • Additional reporting options include the use of the F9 third party report writer for use with CYMA GL
  • Reports can be output to screen, printer or common file formats supported by Crystal Reports
  • Data-sensitive or period-based reporting
  • Multiple selection and sorting capability on reports
  • 100's of reports to choose from

Browser Features

  • View any file, record by record, with this advanced look-up facility for frequently used codes
  • Users Selects from multiple look-up options:
    • Fields to view in columns
    • Order and width of the columns to display
    • Column to Search and Sort
  • Each user may save their options for each browser
  • Add master records on the fly during data entry

System Utilities

  • Print file structures
  • Pack and re-index files
  • Recalculate Payroll Balances
  • Recalculate General Ledger Balances
  • Recalculate Accounts Receivable Balances
  • Generate Account Segment Names
  • Online Backup Capabilities
  • Auto Segment Balancing

General Import Feature

  • Imports form other systems available via Comma Separated Value file (CSV) to: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll


  • Customize HTML designed desktop for user defined CYMA menus or default web page
  • Run common CYMA reports and functions from embedded HTML links or from an address bar.
  • Interactive Workflow Entry Diagrams help illustrate system/accounting processes
  • Embedded JavaScript financial calculators cover common functions such as:
    • 1040 Tax Calculator
    • Breakeven Analysis
    • Business Valuation
    • Cash Flow
    • Equipment Buy vs. Lease
    • Financial Ratios
    • Inventory Analysis
    • Loan Amortization
    • Loan Comparison
    • Working Capital Needs
  • eDesk contains dozens tutorials and reference materials in addition to contextual help