CYMA User Portal

CYMA User Portal Benefits

Accounts Receivable
The Accounts Receivable Invoice Query allows Web Portal access for users to access CYMA Invoice Data stored in the backoffice CYMA AR system. Quickly accessing information such as:

  • What is the current amount owed by this customer?
  • How much did we bill them last year?
  • What were the three largest orders we invoiced last year?
  • What percentage of our business has invoices over $25,000?
  • What was the total amount invoiced to all customers in California last month?
  • Show me all the invoices over 90 days old across all customers for a particular Sales Representative

It's important to note the User Portal users do not need to have access to the regular CYMA backoffice system.  For example, give the Sales Manager access to AR Invoice information even if they are not set-up as a CYMA user of the AR system.


General Ledger Inquiries
The General Ledger menu of the CYMA User Portal allows access to GL Batches and GL Transactions affecting a pre-defined set of GL accounts.  Portal users can be given access to all GL accounts, or restricted to only a few. Use the portal to quickly:

  • Review all Depreciation Entries made last month
  • Find the total of the Payroll Salary and Wages Expense Account for all payroll checks dated in November
  • Review the Net Change in all Cash Accounts for the last quarter
  • Show me all of the GL Entries for a specific Grant (Non-Profit Version)

The CYMA User Portal is an ideal tool for casual work inquiry at home or on the road by the CFO, Controller or other Management person that needs access to financial information without installing CYMA on their mobile device.


Payroll Inquiries
The CYMA User Portal allows you to give employee, supervisors or business partners (your CPA, for example) secure access to selected employee information.  You control which Portal User has access to certain employees.  Use it to:

  • Get an employee list of all employees in the Patient Care Department
  • Find me the highest paid employees in California
  • Show me everyone we've hired since the beginning of the year
  • Show me a list of all employees presently on leave
  • Find me all employees with the Position of “Medical Assistant” who make less than $20 per hour
  • How much did employee “AB100” earn in the third quarter?  How much was his take home pay?
  • Employee Status Inquiry can be exported to CSV and Excel formats

User Portal Security
“Web Security” is now a component in System Manager - Maintain Users. “Web Users” (who may or may not be CYMA users) can be defined and provided access to any or all of the inquiries.  Access to specific companies can also be specified.