CYMA History

CYMA (pronounced "Sigh-Muh") is one of the original producers of accounting software for the PC.

Established in 1980, CYMA developed a variety of accounting software solutions for general accounting, job costing, medical accounting and other industries.

In 1990, CYMA released CYMA Professional Accounting Series software for DOS systems. This software built off the original work of the CYMA development team. The CYMA PAS software has been discontinued as of summer 2000 and is no longer supported.

In 1997, CYMA released CYMAIV Accounting for Windows. This award winning packaged was developed from the ground up and was intended as a migration path from DOS based systems. In the decade since its release, CYMAIV continues to grow and garner acclaim. Click here for an up to date release history of the CYMAIV Product Line.

CYMA's success has always hinged on the customers. CYMA is unique in that we continually seek product enhancement advice from our users. When you pick up the phone you can reach CYMA's office in Tempe, Arizona.

We are proud to be in the accounting software industry since 1980. Contact CYMA today at 800-292-2962 to find out how CYMA Accounting Software can greatly benefit your organization.