CYMA Testimonials

We have been using CYMA since 2006 to support nearly 1,000 employees in an incredibly complex payroll environment. The flexibility and power of CYMA software, combined with outstanding support, makes it possible to handle virtually any client need. And the web-based Employee Self Service System has been a big hit with our clients and employees!

Chris Felix, MarketStaff

I am thoroughly enjoying my CYMA program. I have it up and running smoothly for my new client and I intend to migrate my remaining clients to it soon. I want to thank you very much for helping me to get it installed. I was a very satisfied user 25 years ago and I am even happier with your product today.

Hannah Barber, CPA

We've grown with CYMA since 1980.  From DOS to Windows, CYMA has kept up with our expansion and added tools that help us run our administrative operations smoothly.    We haven't had the need to consider another accounting product and the customer service is excellent; they really listen to their users.

Noreen Bouchard

We converted to CYMA from QuickBooks in 2012 to handle the complex payroll and accounting needs of entertainment production companies. CYMA’s flexibility and power is allowing us to grow our business without adding staff, and their support team is always willing to go the extra mile to help us.

Keeping up with credentials across our 300+ employees can be a major administrative process. Through CYMA Human Resources, we've been able to shave hours off tracking, notification and general credential management.

John Thomas

I want to thank you so very much. You did a super job. I'm so grateful for your patience and your expertise.

I just want to say thank you. God bless you and be assured of my prayer.

Sister Mary Christina
Monastery of St. Claire

We have a single employee who processes payroll for our 500 employees every two weeks. Amazing. ADP was a much more expensive way to go and our competitors don't realize how simple CYMA can make the payroll process.

Gary Bell, CFO

I love Employee Self-Service! No more printing and reprinting check stubs. Soon all of our managers and supervisors will be entering and approving employee time in an organized, secure way. What a time saving!

Kim Williams
Summit Foods

CYMA Human Resources helped consolidate the benefit process for our 100+ employees. Making a benefit change or addition across a wide range or specifically selected employees takes minutes.

David Marco
Hospice of the Eastern Shore

The General Ledger is great for importing sales numbers for reporting and controls.  We write hundreds of checks to hundreds of vendors – but our previous software was so limiting.  It was freeing using CYMA and I am not willing to change.

Kelly Halliday
Salt Lake Brewing Company

We currently have about 120,000 records in our G/L since October 2004 and about 5,000 entries in our chart of accounts. Everyone is extremely pleased with the way the CYMA accounting software is working. We have one remote site on-line now also. We can generate a report in about 5-10 seconds from the G/L which I find to be totally amazing. We have a four segment account number that allows us to track all of our costs to certain items if needed. We use it like a cost accounting system.

I haven't found anything that is even close to doing what the CYMA product can do!!!! We have 11 cities that we do all of the accounting for in the Texas Panhandle on CYMA, as well as supply the area with water. We are now able to more efficiently to track all costs associated with the sales and bond payments through the CYMA accounting software which we had been unable to do in the past.

CYMA was one of the best investments that I have ever done for the Water Authority.

Buddy Trent
Canadian River Municipal Water Authority

Our foundation was looking for a nonprofit accounting software package. In our search, we evaluated several accounting packages, but most were either too expensive, too simplistic, or too complicated. We went with CYMAIV Not-For-Profit Edition, and our organization could not be more pleased with the results.

The implementation was simple, our daily tasks are very straight forward, and the reports and features are powerful but not overwhelming. In fact, there are many things we do easily with the CYMA software that can't be handled as well by college software.

There is a special place in my heart for CYMA. Thank you.

Anne Sweet
Prairie State College Foundation

I really enjoy working with CYMA software - am very comfortable with all of the various accounting functions. Makes preparing the financial's for the CFO a pleasure.

Ruthanne Buchanan
Finance Manager
Mesa United Way

When we were looking for an affordable accounting software solution for our not-for-profit, CYMA stood out as the obvious solution - even when compared with packages costing two and three times as much.

We have a very complex payroll and three main lines of business (funds) in our organization. CYMA's flexible account mask, ability to automatically allocate expenses - including payroll - across multiple funds and incredible reporting tools - especially with F9 and Crystal Reports - prove to be an invaluable asset to our organization.

The custom fields, which can be changed even after a transaction is posted and are available to almost every transaction window, allow us to easily track the utilization of designated gifts. Additionally, the quality of customer care, support and training surpasses any I have experienced.

Brent Ivey
Business Manager
Care and Counseling Center of Georgia