CYMA Complete W-2 and ACA Form eFile Options

CYMA provides the option to e-File your W-2s and/or ACA Forms (1095/1094) through Aatrix at the press of a button rather than printing and distributing them. Filing W-2s and ACA forms electronically can save you hundreds of dollars and hours of effort. Best of all, the solution is embedded right from within CYMA Payroll. The process is entirely automated and can be completed via Aatrix's web application. This files the form exclusively with Aatrix secure servers and will offer an online space for review and reprinting.

This year, Aatrix is offering 50% off the cost of Complete eFile Processing of the ACA forms when combined with the Complete W2 Processing.

Review a pricing analysis below or choose Complete W2 & ACA eFile Service Center to review the process.

W2 Form eFile Processing Options

  1. Complete W-2 Service (Only $1.99 per employee)
    • Employee W-2s printed, mailed and posted online for employee access.
    • eFile Federal W-2s and W-3.
    • eFile State W-2s and required reconciliation form.
    • Print employer copies. (Employer copies are printed by customer)
  2. Express W-2 eFile Service
    • Files Federal W-2s, State W-2s and provides employee W-2s on-line via a secure website
    • $0.99/employee
  3. Federal & State
    • W-2s are eFiled to state and federal agencies
    • $0.99/employee
  4. Federal Only
    • eFile federal W-2s and fed W-3
    • $0.49/employee
  5. State Only
    • eFile state W-2s and corresponding state W-3
    • $0.69/employee
  6. Local W-2 eFile Service
    • eFile supported local W-2s in combination with any eFile option
    • $0.69/employee


ACA Form eFile Processing Options

CYMA and Aatrix provides four cost effective options for eFiling the ACA Forms:

  1. Complete: $1.99 per employee. Aatrix will print and mail to employees (postage included) and eFile 1095 and 1094 (B or C).
  2. Electronic Only and Federal: $.99 per employee. Aatrix will host an electronic copy of the employees 1095-C for employee printing and eFile 1095 and 1094 (B or C). Employee written consent required.

  3. Federal Only: $0.49 per employee. Aatrix will file the ACA 1095/1094(B or C) to the Federal government. The employer is responsible for printing and distributing the employee’s copy.

  4. Discount Bundle: BEST BARGAIN: Aatrix offers an eFile process for W-2s at $1.99 an employee for complete processing - government and employee.  If you choose to use the Complete W-2 option, the Complete ACA process of $1.99 per employee is offered at a 50% discount.   If you choose this option for both Complete W-2 and ACA, please plan to process both at the same time as this discount relies on processing ACA forms prior to the W-2 mailing date.

The process also allows printing the forms to plain paper (no preprinted forms) at no charge. Companies with 250+ returns must eFile but can print the employee copy.

Contact a CYMA sales representative to discuss the best filing option for your company or visit the and get registered.


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