CYMA eFile Options - W-2, ACA Forms, Federal/State eFile

CYMA provides the option to eFile W-2s, ACA Forms (1095/1094), and a variety of Federal and State specific forms through Aatrix at the press of a button rather than printing and distributing them. Filing W-2s and ACA forms electronically can save you hundreds of dollars and hours of effort. Using electronic State and Federal forms ensures accuracy and cuts postage costs. Best of all, the solution is embedded right from within CYMA Payroll.

W-2 eFile Processing

Complete eFile W-2 at $2.49 per employee - Aatrix performs the entire Federal (and state where applicable) eFile process as well as print and mail the copy to the employee. Minutes of work saves hours of manual labor!

  • Employee W-2s printed, mailed and posted online for employee access.
  • eFile Federal W-2s and W-3.
  • eFile State W-2s and required reconciliation form.
  • Print employer copies. (Employer copies are printed by customer)

ACA Form eFile Processing

Complete eFile ACA at $1.99 per employee - The ACA 1094/1095 forms are frequently confused, but the Aatrix Complete eFile process ensures accuracy. At just $1.99 per employee. Aatrix will print and mail to employees (postage included) and eFile 1095 and 1094 (B or C). Best of all, the process includes an error checking preparer to help detect issues.

State and Federal eFile Bundles

Aatrix provides a variety of Federal and State specific forms for printing or eFiling. Over 330+ tax forms, nationwide, are available from CYMA under Payroll / Process / Tax Forms and Payments. Save both time and hassle by eFiling the forms you are required to submit.

Where available, forms can be eFiled at a nominal cost. Special Unlimited eFile bundle pricing is also available.

eFile Packages include Unlimited eFiling for:

  • 940
  • 941
  • 941 Schedule B
  • 941 Voucher
  • 943
  • 943-A
  • 944
  • 944 Voucher
  • 945
  • 945-A
  • 945 Voucher
  • Wage Withholding Reports
  • Withholding Payments
  • SUI Reports
  • SUI Payments
  • more

Pricing is determined by number of employees and is listed at the CYMA / Aatrix partner page.

Enroll in Aatrix eFile

Contact a CYMA sales representative to discuss the best filing option for your company or visit the and get registered.