CYMA Hosting Options

CYMA Systems is not technically a "cloud based software" since we are not SaaS (CYMA is a Windows™ solution). This does not mean that CYMA cannot be accessed remotely in a cloud type environment. Many CYMA customers are successfully using CYMA in a hosted, virtual environment. If you are looking to migrate to a "cloud solution" we recommend the following options for CYMA:

Trapp Technology - Offering Windows hosting with dedicated virtual servers, bank-industry security, automatic nightly backups, and 24/7/365, U.S.-based support. (602) 443-9145

Primisys Hosting - Datacenter built using the latest in network technologies with high availability in mind; 40Gb network backbone, Redundant servers and storage, multiple dedicated internet connections from top tier providers, and many other redundancies that are critical to a high-availability data center. Utility Power is backed up by generator, and the environment is maintained using commercial grade HVAC systems. Military grade physical security, as well as video surveillance systems ensure their facility and data is safe and secure. Networks are monitored 24x7x365 to ensure any issues are addressed before causing customer downtime.

Involta - an award winning national IT service provider and consulting firm. Involta helps organizations plan, manage and execute hybrid IT strategies using a broad range of services including colocation, cloud computing, managed IT, cybersecurity, fiber and network connectivity. Through innovative consulting engagements, Involta is able to utilize its unique resources and partnerships to deliver advanced hybrid IT solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of organizations while maintaining the Involta brand promise of Superior Infrastructure, Operational Excellence, and People Who  

eOfficeMgr - Developers of one-stop Internet solutions for the home care industry. eOfficeMgr hosts CYMAIV Accounting for Windows along with payroll, healthcare, spreadsheet and word processing applications. eOfficeMgr develops seamless data integration among applications which eliminates duplicate data entry, lowers costs and facilitates more sophisticated, comprehensive financial and operational analysis.

Amazon EC2 Web Services™ - Offers Windows (and other) hosting packages at a lower price point, but provides no live support. Pay per minute of use and configuration. Recommended for organizations with an on site IT staff.

Microsoft Azure™ - Offers Microsoft based hosting with a management console more reminiscent of a Windows interface. Pay per minute of use and configuration. Recommended for organizations with an on site IT staff.

CYMA Minimum Hosting Recommendations

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 or higher (prefer 2012 R2 but 2008 R2 should be fine)
  • 2 virtual processors
  • 7 GB memory
  • SSD's are highly recommended (10 GB minimum disk space)


For more information about CYMA, please contact us here.