Step 1: Setup the AFLAC Payroll Benefit in Payroll

  1. In Payroll / Maintain Configuration, add a new AFLAC Payroll benefit feature or a new Pre-Tax Deduction feature
  2. Select GL Accounts
  3. Choose an Amount Per Pay Period as the Calculation method: NOTE: A dollar value of at least $1 needs to be in the "Employee Amount:" and "Employer Amount" fields. This will later be overridden by the calculated amount from HR
  4. Click Save

Add the benefit to an employee or a range of employees:

  1. In Payroll Maintain Employees, choose an employee, edit and then Add the AFLAC Payroll Feature and Save.
  2. Use the Copy Feature function to add AFLAC to a range of employees:
    1. Select an employee with the AFLAC benefit
    2. Locate and highlight AFLAC
    3. Select Copy Feature
    4. Choose employees who should have the AFLAC benefit and choose OK to Copy the feature