CYMA Release History:  Version 1.5.3 

Version 1.5.3

Release Date: November 1999

New Features:

  • "Smart Entry" is available on all text-based lookup fields (Account numbers, IDs, etc...) As you start typing, CYMA spends its time in the background looking up what you are doing. If it finds an exact match, it will fill in the rest of the field and bleep at you to let you know that it has done so. Great for heads-down keypunchers! .
  • Volume Billing added to Accounts Receivable allows you to invoice a common charge to a select list of customers such as monthly dues or tuition. . Includes several pre-defined Chart of Account Templates for many business types that may be used to assist with setup, they can be viewed on screen or printed for review prior to choosing.
  • Crystal Reports "Sub-reports" now supported for system and user-defined custom reports within CYMAIV. Sub-reports provide the ability to create one main report that contains embedded sub-reports. This allows for the presentation of different types and views of data all on one report for convenient viewing of information and efficient analysis.
  • Browsing for segments when printing reports has been enhanced to browse predefined account segment descriptions that are set up under GL Maintain Account Segment Names.
  • Miscellaneous Payments will accept negative entries to allow the ability to enter a counter charge to an expense account such as a credit card fee.
  • AP Invoice selection screen has been modified to include the filtering of invoices by "Hold" and "Created By".
  • AP Enter Invoices will now allow you to "Unpost" an invoice that has been posted to AP but not GL and has not been paid. Sales Rep ID is no longer a required field on entry and customer maintenance screens. Custom Form Enhancements:
  • AR Statement is now available with Line Detail to print each Invoice line item
  • New AR Invoice Format for Form Feed
  • Check stubs includes detail of account numbers