CYMA Release History: Version 1.5.3 Update Disk

Version 1.5.3 Update Disk - Summer 2000

Release Date: June 2000

New Features:

  • Expanded Payroll Import - We've expanded the General Import function to include Payroll Earnings Types. This new feature allows you to map the Earnings Types you create in the Payroll module to a "Department", "Job Code" or other field created in an external file. This feature allows you to import data from time clocks and other employee tracking systems that output a comma delimited file format.
  • Filing-Ready 940, 941 and 941B - Users can now generate filing-ready forms on their laser printer! The Version 1.5.3 Update CD provides the ability to generate 940's, 941's and 941 Schedule B - complete with forms and data. The 940 and 941 automatically calculate and display the appropriate data from the CYMAIV Payroll data files - but allow these figures to be edited if appropriate.
  • Calculate Worker's Compensation and SDI Based on Hours - Previous versions of CYMAIV allowed only a calculation based on dollar amounts. However, some states use a system based on hours. We have added the capability to calculate Workers Compensation and SDI by hours, with a user-defined rate per hour and company paid percentage.
  • Fund Maintenance and Balancing (NFP Edition Only) - The previous NFP version provided for automatic offsets in AP and AR only. The Automatic Offset feature allows a customer to configure fund balancing transactions for those transactions originating with an AP or AR Invoice. The new Fund Maintenance and Balancing feature greatly expands this capability by providing an alternative method of fund balancing. This new method allows the user to define which segment of the GL account number refers to a fund and allows a "due to" and "due from" account to be defined for each fund. Once configured, transactions which add entries to the General Ledger (including GL Journal Entries and posted Payroll transactions) are reviewed to see if they result in an out of balance situation for any of the fund segment values. If so, appropriate "due to" and "due from" entries are automatically generated. You may use this feature in the GL alone, or throughout the system. You may also use it in place of or in conjunction with the existing Automatic Offsets feature.
  • This new feature provides CYMAIV with Fund Balancing functionality identical to the most expensive systems on the market - and when combined with the existing Automatic Offset feature provides your NFP customers with an almost unlimited degree of flexibility for their most demanding fund accounting transactions.