CYMA Release History: Version 11.2

Release Date: January 2010

The Version 11.2 Update contains the 2010 Payroll Update, tax table changes, and all previously released updates and enhancements for CYMA Version 11.x. New product enhancements as well as payroll update specifics can be found below.

ModuleMenu ItemSummary
GLReportsSignage for Other Income Account Types has been reversed in the YTD Column.
OthereDeskAdded CYMAHR to eDesk Menu.
OthereDesk Control Center menus can now be sorted/dragged horizontally (previously was always in alphabetical order)
PRMaintain Employees Added checkbox and email address fields for Employee Self-Service functionality
PROtherUpdated California tax tables
PROtherUpdated Wisconsin tax tables
PROtherUpdated New Jersey tax tables
PROtherUpdated Louisiana tax tables
PROtherUpdated Connecticut tax tables
PRProcess Calculate PayrollChanged Tennessee SUTA Wage Base Limit to $9000
PRProcess Print 940 FormUpdated Form 940
PRProcess Print 940 Form Corrected cosmetic issues with Form 940 Part 6
PRProcess Print 941 FormUpdated Form 941 and Schedule B
PRProcess Year End - Print W2s and 1099sUpdated 2009 W2's
PRReportsUpdated Client based Form 944 report
PRReportsUpdated Client based Form 940 report