CYMA Release History: Version 10.0

Release Date: October 2007

Accounts Payable

APEnter InvoicesAdded Post to AP Upon Save option in Maintain Configuration to allow the automatic posting to AP when the invoice is saved.
APEnter Labor BatchesAdded a total of all invoice to the bottom of the Enter Quick Invoices dialog
APEnter Labor BatchesWhen adding a new line to the AP Enter Quick Invoice the invoice date will populate from the previous line unless the Vendor is changed.
APMaintain Vendors"Added Remit-To, to Maintain Vendors"
APMaintain VendorsAdded an email button next to the primary email address in Maintain Vendor to allow sending of emails directly from the dialog.
APMaintain VendorsAdded a Phone number column to the Contact tab list on Maintain Vendor
APMaintain VendorsWhen setting up a new contact for a vendor the vendor's phone numbers will default.
APProcess Calculate and Print 1099sNew Remit-To feature can be used to assign a specific address to the 1099s.
APProcess Print ChecksAdded support for EFT file to AP.
APProcess Select InvoicesAdded a selection grid to AP Print Checks to allow printing a subset of invoices already selected for payment
APReportsVendor History Ledger (Detail) report now accepts a range of dates.
APReportsChanged the 1099 Reconciliation report to show which invoices don't match the default 1099 type for the vendor.
APReportsAdded sub-totals to the Unposted Invoice Register
APReportsThe Posting Date is now included on the Unposted Invoice Register
APReportsAdded New Self Sealing AP Check
APReportsAdded a Vendor Remit-To Listing report
APReportsAdded a filter to change the grouping on the use tax reports

Accounts Receivable
ModuleItemRelease Notes
AREnter InvoicesAR invoice with a Job number no longer requires a cost code on text lines
AREnter InvoicesEnter Invoices looks at the Use Job Level Defaulting check box for determining which sales gl account to default.
AREnter InvoicesA warning will diplay if entering an AR Invoice and a cost code is used that hasn't been defined for the job.
AREnter InvoicesResized Enter Invoice dialog to show more columns in the grid.
AREnter InvoicesAdded a copy button to Enter Invoices
AREnter InvoicesAdded option to Maintain Config to Post to AR Upon Print.
AREnter InvoicesAdded Alternate Price functionality to Enter Invoices.
AREnter InvoicesAdded One Time Invoice functionality.
AREnter InvoicesAuto populate the default Customer Contact and Contact phone number when entering an AR Invoice
AREnter InvoicesAdd a new Product Price Source field on AR Enter and Quick Invoices.
AREnter Labor BatchesAdded alternate price functionality to Enter Quick Invoices.
AREnter Labor BatchesEnter Quick Invoices looks at the Use Job Level Defaulting check box for determining which sales gl account to default.
AREnter One Time InvoicesEnter One Time Invoices looks at the Use Job Level Defaulting check box for determining which sales gl account to default.
AREnter PaymentsAdded ability to enter either the invoice number or the customer name in the Quick Enter Payment grid
AREnter PaymentsAdded quick entry of payments.
AREnter PaymentsNow allows entry of transaction classification codes on miscellaneous payments.
AREnter Recurring InvoicesAdded selection criteria to the Enter Recurring Invoices dialog.
AREnter Recurring InvoicesAdded Alternate Price functionality to Enter Recurring Invoices
AREnter Recurring InvoicesEnter Recurring Invoices looks at the Use Job Level Defaulting check box for determining which sales gl account to default.
AREnter Recurring InvoicesAdded a new Product Price Source field on AR Enter Recurring Invoices
AREnter Volume Billing InvoicesEnter Volume Billing Invoices looks at the Use Job Level Defaulting check box for determining which sales gl account to default.
ARMaintain ConfigurationAdded a default Alternate Price Code field to AR Maintain Configuration
ARMaintain ConfigurationAdded Default Ship-to Location ID and Default Tax Category to Maintain Configuration
ARMaintain Customer"Added a Default Contact phone number to Maintain Customers. This will default into Enter Invoices, Recurring Invoices & Enter Sales Orders"
ARMaintain CustomerAdded an email button next to the primary email address in Maintain Customer to allow sending of emails directly from the dialog.
ARMaintain CustomerAdded A Default flag to the customer contact screen
ARMaintain CustomerAdded a Default Alternate Price field to Maintain Customers. This value will default when entering invoices.
ARMaintain CustomerDefault phone entries in Maintain Customers main tab into the phone grid on Ship-To and Contacts tabs
ARMaintain CustomerWhen adding AR Customers read the 2 new defaults on AR Config for Ship-to Location ID & Tax Category
ARMaintain Job Segment NamesWhen Entering a Recurring Invoice the default customer contact and phone will be used.
AROtherPayments from Sales Order will now show on the AR Invoices. This requires the Post Invoices to AR Upon Print option to be checked.
AROtherAdded a Maintain Alternate Prices Table for setting up alternate prices and default settings.
ARReportsAdded new Total Sales by Customer and Date Range (Summary) report
ARReportsAdded sub-totals and a report total to the Unposted Invoice Register
ARReportsAdded filter to Payment Register for Method of Payment
ARReportsDaily Transaction reports now sort by date and then Customer ID.
ARReports"Added payment information to the Invoice Print Proof Listing (Detail), Invoice Print Proof Listing (Summary) and Invoice Register Proof Listing."
ARReportsAdded option to subtotal the Daily Transaction Reports by month
ARReportsAdded a new Product Analysis (Historical by Date Range) report.

ModuleItemRelease Notes
ATFPRMaintain EmployeesAdded a History page to Employees in Client Write Up - After the Fact Payroll

Bank Reconciliation
ModuleItemRelease Notes
BRReportsAdded Bank Reconciliation Register report. This report shows the status of checks and deposit entries.

ModuleItemRelease Notes
eDeskOtherAdded Control Center to Edesk

General Ledger
ModuleItemRelease Notes
GLEnter Journal Entries"Changed the grid so that Job, Cost Type & Cost Code are before the Project/Grant fields."
GLEnter Journal EntriesBatch number will display in the Journal Entry posting message.
GLEnter Journal EntriesThe description of a Journal Entry created from Post AR Invoices to GL no longer contains the words AR Product.
GLEnter Recurring Journal EntriesAdded options for updating allocations when creating Recurring Journal Entries.
GLEnter Recurring Journal EntriesAdded selection criteria to the Recurring Journal Entry Listing Report from the dialog box.
GLEnter Time EntryAdded selection criteria to the Quick Budget dialog.
GLMaintain FundsAdded Segment Balancing to FMS
GLMaintain Quick Chart of AccountsMessage added to Quick Chart of Accounts if using the consolidated feature to ensure that the account types are changed in the parent company first.
GLOtherAdded Project Tracking to FMS
GLOtherAdded After the Fact functionality
GLProcess Un Post Journal EntriesSelection criteria tab added to the front of the GL Unpost Journal Entry dialog box.
GLProcess Un Post Journal EntriesWhen unposting a Journal Entry a reversing JC entry is created.
GLReportsAdded an Out of Balance Account Segments report that shows which segment/fund values are out of balance.
GLReportsAdded Trial Balance by Date Range report
GLReportsAdded a new detail ledger report than contains both current and history detail
GLReportsBudget Listing Report is now grouped and totalled like Income Statement and Balance Sheet. Also added filters for more flexibility.
GLReportsAdded Budget to Actual report for Project and Grant tracking.
GLReportsList of Accounts report under Module Profile is now titled Chart Of Accounts
GLReportsUser definable group headings added to standard income statements and balance sheets.

Inventory Control
ModuleItemRelease Notes
ICEnter BuildsJC Cost Codes can be assigned to each line of a build in Enter Builds.
ICEnter BuildsBuild can now be edited in the Enter Build dialog.
ICEnter ReceiptsNew separate GL account for capturing Other Costs
ICMaintain BOM Groups and OverheadAdded Product ID selection fields to Copy feature of Maintain BOM Groups & Overhead
ICMaintain ConfigurationAdded an Other Cost GL account default to Maintain Configuration.
ICMaintain ConfigurationChanged the title of the Purchase Cost Adjustment GL account to Cost Adjustment in Maintain Configuration.
ICMaintain ConfigurationAdded option to Maintain Configuration to Post Journal Entries Thru General Ledger.
ICMaintain ConfigurationChanged the title of the Inventory Suspense Account in Maintain Configuration to Accrued AP.
ICMaintain Product Bill of MaterialsManufacturing now defaults as the BOM Type in the header of Maintain Product Bill of Materials
ICMaintain ProductsAdded a Standard Cost field to the product/warehouse level
ICMaintain ProductsAdded Lot Tracking functionality.
ICMaintain ProductsThe ABC Code has been moved to the product/warehouse level
ICMaintain WarehousesAddress is no longer required on SM Warehouse
ICOtherPhysical Count Codes are now defined in a table
ICOtherNew dialog box for reconciling physical count worksheets
ICOtherAdded a Transaction Date column to the Product/Warehouse Activity tab
ICOtherAdded Create Purchase Orders for creating POs based on low stock conditions
ICOtherMultiple changes to all IC Entry dialog boxes to accommodate Lot Tracking
ICProcess Print Cycle Count WorksheetMultiple enhancements to Print Physical Count Worksheet
ICProcess Print Cycle Count WorksheetAdded Product Line as a filter in Process Print Cycle Count
ICReportsJob number added to the IC Transaction Activity report (IcTrx.rpt) along with some other cosmetic changes
ICReportsJob number added to the IC Transaction Activity History report (IcTrxH.rpt) along with other cosmetic changes.
ICReportsAdd dollar amounts to the IC Enter Adjustments Proof report
ICReportsAdded a Physical Count Variance report.
ICReportsAdded Avg. Purchase Amt column to the Purchase and Sales (By Date Range) and Purchase and Sales (Historical By Date Range) reports.
ICReportsAdded an IC Stock Level profile report
ICReportsCost Layer Reports now show entire field size for quantities and unit cost fields
ICReportsProduct Valuation Reports now show entire field size for quantities and unit cost fields
ICReportsRemoved Maximum Quantity in the calculation of the Suggested Reorder Quantity field on IC Reorder Advice report
ICReportsAdded Build number to the Transaction Activity Reports.

Job Costing
ModuleItemRelease Notes
JCEnter AdjustmentsAdded a column for Earnings Type
JCEnter AdjustmentsAdjustments can now be entered for products that have a Job Cost Type of Retainage in Enter Adjustments.
JCEnter Billable ChargesThe Skill Description field has been reduced to 80 characters on the Labor tab of Enter Billable Charges
JCEnter Job TransfersAdded a display only Skill ID column to JC Enter Job Transfers
JCMaintain Base JobsAdded three user-defined reference fields to Maintain Base Jobs
JCMaintain ConfigurationAdded a Use Job Level Defaulting on AR Invoices to Maintain Configuration.
JCMaintain ConfigurationAdded option to Maintain Configuration to post Journal Entries through the General Ledger.
JCMaintain EmployeesAdded a Default Job ID field to JC Maintain Employees
JCMaintain EmployeesAdded Notes and Custom tabs to Maintain Employees
JCMaintain JobsAdded a customer Ship-To and Description fields to Maintain Jobs
JCMaintain JobsAdded Delivery Date field to the Cost Code and Cost Category Budget Estimator grids.
JCMaintain JobsAdded fields for Burden % and Total Cost to Maintain Jobs Estimator grids.
JCMaintain JobsAdded totals and a sub-sort option to the Proof report on the Activity tab of JC Maintain Jobs
JCMaintain JobsAdded a checkbox asking if the program should update the estimator products and skills with the current costs upon the Copying of a Job
JCMaintain JobsAdded invoicing columns to budget by cost code and cost category grid
JCMaintain JobsAdded new fields for Beginning Invoiced to Date and Beginning Payments to Date on the Invoice tab of Maintain Jobs
JCMaintain Jobs"Added Task Code, Task Start Date and Due Date to the cost code and cost category estimate grid of Maintain Jobs"
JCMaintain JobsAdded a Job-level Retainage product and percentage to Maintain Jobs
JCMaintain JobsAdded a View Detail button to Maintain Jobs to see open POs for the job
JCMaintain JobsNow allow duplicate products and skills to be used in the Estimator grid of Maintain Jobs
JCMaintain JobsAdded Delivery Date field to the Proof report on Maintain Job Estimator grid.
JCOther"Added created date, created by, updated date and updated by fields to Jc_Trx2 and JC_TrxH2 files"
JCProcess Apply OverheadAdded an option to Create Journal Entries to JC Apply Overhead
JCProcess Prepare InvoicesNegative quantities are now allowed on the Fixed Price tab of Process Prepare Invoice
JCProcess Prepare Invoices"Now when creating invoices from JC, the description field from JC Enter Labor Batches will be written to the description of the invoice line"
JCProcess Prepare InvoicesNo longer displaying unbilled Retainage charges in JC Enter Billable Charges
JCProcess Reopen/Close JobsAdd warning text to the bottom of Process Reopen/Close Jobs dialog box indicating that other users may not be able to access some processes throughout the program.
JCProcess Update BOM Component CostAdded header description to the Proof report
JCProcess Update BOM Component CostAdded a description text field to Enter Labor Batch datagrid. This description will write to the AR Invoice line description upon creation of the invoice.
JCProcess Update BOM Component CostAdded a default Job number to the header of JC Enter Labor Batches to streamline entry
JCProcess Update BOM Component CostAdded a Create Journal Entries option.
JCReportsAdded the new JC Labor Description field to the Direct Labor Report
JCReports"Add 4 new fields (Task ID, Start Date, End Date and Performed By) to the Estimator reports on the Budget by Cost Code and Cost Category of Maintain Jobs"
JCReportsAdded 2 new detail cost category reports that mirror the two detail reports for Cost Codes
JCReportsAdd a Total Hours and Total Extended Rate to the JC Enter Labor Proof report
JCReportsVarious changes to the Cost Code Actual reports.
JCReportsVarious changes to Job Listing (Summary) and Job Listing (Summary by Job Type) reports.
JCReportsUpdate the Jobs Listing report to include all new information added in V9.
JCReportsPerformance has been improved on Budget reports
JCReportsAdded Job Status filter to all JC budget reports
JCReportsAdded an Earnings Type filter to the Direct Labor Entry report.
JCReportsAdded Skill ID and Earnings Type filters to the Certified Worksheet report.
JCReportsAdded a Budget Estimate Purchasing report
JCReportsRemoved the Hourly Rate and Extended Rate columns to the Proof report in JC Enter Batch Labor

Purchase Order
ModuleItemRelease Notes
POEnter Purchase Orders"If using Encumbrance/Budget Control and the user selects the Copy Purchase Order feature, the program will now populate the Encumbrance/Budget Date field with the PO Date"
POEnter Purchase OrdersThe Job Number field is now disabled in the grid if the PO type is Order-Return
POEnter Purchase Orders"When copying a Purchase Order, the program will now give you an option of keeping the original unit costs from the original PO or use the current unit costs"
POEnter Purchase OrdersAdded options to PO Maintain Configuration to close PO lines containing Non-Inventory type products to be based on the AP Invoiced Amount or AP Invoiced Quantity
POEnter Purchase OrdersAdded a PO Source filter to Enter Purchase Order Status Inquiry and added a PO Source column to the grid.
POEnter Purchase OrdersIf the Warn User if Product has a Lower Price box is checked in Maintain Configuration the message that displays if selecting a higher cost will show the dollar savings.
POMaintain Configuration"Added a default PO type to Maintain Configuration, which will now default when entering a Purchase Order."
POProcess Print Puchase OrdersThe Vendor's primary phone number now prints under the Vendor's address on all 4 PO Forms.
POReportsAdded Open Commitment Listing (by Cost Code) report.
POReportsAdded a PO Source filter to the PO Detail Order Register (Unprinted Orders).
POReportsAdded a PO Source filter to the PO Summary Order Register (Unprinted Orders).
POReportsVarious changes made to the Open Commitment report (by Vendor)
POReportsVarious changes to the Open Commitment report (by JOB).
POReportsVarious Changes to the Open Commitment report (by Cost Type).
POReportsVarious Changes to the Open Commitment Report (by Product).
POReports"Added a new Quantity Status report showing line item quantities for ordered, received and invoiced "
POReportsAdded GL accounts to the Open Commitment (by fund) Report.

ModuleItemRelease Notes
PREnter Adjustments"Added Skill ID, Cost Code and Transaction Class Codes to Payroll Enter Adjustments"
PREnter PayrollImproved the Enter Payroll screen to better facilitate keyboard entry when advancing to the next Employee
PREnter Payroll"User that don't have access to Enter Payroll, no longer can access the dialog through Process Calculate Payroll or Enter Quick Payroll"
PRMaintain EmployeesAdded a suffix field to the Maintain Employee Dialog
PRMaintain EmployeesEmployer portions of Benefit and Pre-Tax features can be directed to a W-2 box.
PRMaintain EmployeesOther Deduction feature can now be directed to a W-2 box.
PRMaintain EmployeesAdded Job and cost code default to Employee records.
PRMaintain Grant Tracking GrantsAdded option to display a list of the employees if the hourly rates are changed in Enter Quick Payroll and Enter Payroll
PRMaintain Grant Tracking GrantsAdded job filter to Enter Quick Payroll.
PROtherThe Copy Feature functionality will now copy employee employment information
PROtherAdded daily time entry functionality
PRProcess Calculate PayrollA warning is now displayed if the user excludes features in PR Process Calculate Payroll that would make the W2 incorrect.
PRProcess Calculate PayrollMessage simplified when processing payroll outside of the Payroll Accounting Year.
PRProcess Calculate PayrollAdded search functionality to find an employee in the Calculate Payroll screen
PRProcess Calculate PayrollAdded Find Now options to the Calculate Payroll screen.
PRProcess Payroll FormsAdded a filter for the State Payroll Forms for Department and Location
PRProcess Print 941 FormThe Print Form 941 now calculates the number of employees.
PRProcess Quarter End Close"User can now define which reports are required for Period, Quarter and Year End."
PRProcess Year End Print W2s and 1099sAdded standard Windows drive browser to 1099 and W2 electronic file creation process.
PRReportsAdded the 941 voucher to the Print 941 Form process.
PRReportsImprovements made to the Accrual Balance Report.
PRReportsAdded selection criteria to the check register to show/not show/show only voided checks.
PRReportsAdded multi-level sort options to Employee Listing report.
PRReportsAdded a check format in PR for self sealing checks.
PRReportsAdded an Entry Worksheet report

Sales Order
ModuleItemRelease Notes
SOEnter Sales OrdersRemove the Print Packing List message in Enter Sales Orders if on SO Maintain Configuration the user indicated they don't want a packing list
SOEnter Sales Orders"Now when copying a Sales Order to another sales order the program gives you the option to copy the unit prices from the original order, or to use current unit prices"
SOEnter Sales OrdersMade a few cosmetic changes to the header section of SO Enter Sales orders to be more consistent with AR Enter Invoices
SOEnter Sales OrdersThe Enter Sales Order program will no longer override the User Entry unit price on a Quote without a customer when it is converted to a Sales Order
SOEnter Sales OrdersEnter Sales Order will now default the customer's Default Alternate Price if established in the unit price field
SOEnter Sales OrdersAdded an option on Maintain Configuration for including and enabling the Sales GL account on the Sales Order grid
SOEnter Sales OrdersAdded an option to view active lot numbers with their available quantity when entering a sales order
SOEnter Sales OrdersCalculate a default Quote Expiration Date on Enter Sales Orders
SOEnter Sales OrdersAdded an option to populate the lines from the original sales order when applying a credit order
SOEnter Sales Orders"If using the Average cost method, we now display the Average Cost in the Unit Cost field of SO Enter Sales Orders for Inventory type products"
SOEnter Sales OrdersWe now default the Job # and PO# when entering a Credit Order in Sales Order and referencing the original Sales Order
SOEnter Sales Orders"Unit cost can be changed for products, that are non-inventory, services or miscellaneous type, during entry of Sales Orders"
SOEnter Sales OrdersAdded the security feature of not allowing a user to cancel a Sales Order with a Posted Payment
SOMaintain ConfigurationThe Sales Account can be optionally displayed in Enter Sales Order.
SOMaintain ConfigurationAdded a Post Through GL option to SO Maintain Configuration similar to AR and AP
SOMaintain Pricing MatrixAdded 2 additional options to SO Maintain Pricing Matrix to allow cost markups to be based on Purchasing Unit Cost or Standard Unit Cost in addition to the existing SKU Unit Cost
SOProcess Create AP InvoicesIn Process Post Payment to AR allow the user to overide the Deposit Date and override the bank
SOProcess Create SSN Verification FileAdded a Combined Weight field to Process Batch Shipments
SOProcess Create SSN Verification FileAdded a View Documents button to Process Batch Shipment
SOProcess Create SSN Verification FileAdded sort options to Process Batch Shipments
SOProcess Create SSN Verification FileAdded a Preview report button to Process Batch Shipments
SOProcess Create SSN Verification FileChanges to SO Process Batch Shipments to accommodate the new Lot Tracking feature
SOProcess Period End CloseAdded a Cancel Quotes process.
SOProcess Print Pick TicketsAdded filters for Order Type and Order Status.
SOProcess Print Sales OrdersRename SO menu option from Process Print Order Acknowledgements to Process Print Sales Orders
SOProcess Shipments"Added to the header of Process Shipments a disabled field called Accept Partial Shipment, which indicates whether the current sales order can be partially shipped "
SOProcess ShipmentsWorks with StarShip version 9.9.1
SOReportsAdded the following message to the bottom of the SO Profit report: This report uses the current SKU Unit Cost from the Product at the time the Sales Order Is Saved

System Manager
ModuleItemRelease Notes
SMEdeskCustom reports can be run by all users from eDesk.
SMEnter Quick InvoicesAdded Change Field Log report for the Change Fields Utility.
SMEnter Quick InvoicesThe Change Fields utility can now be used to change Product IDs.
SMHelp"Added Module workflows for AP, AR and PR."
SMMaintain ProductsThe Active Cost Layer checkbox is disabled in the Product Warehouse Activity tab if using Average cost method in Inventory Control.
SMMaintain ProductsThe SKU/Selling Unit Cost will now calculate based on the Purchasing Cost and conversion factor.
SMOther"Added User column functionality: AP - Enter Quick Inv, Process Quick Select Inv and Select Inv AR - Enter Quick Inv and Payments GL - Maintain Quick Chart of Accounts - Activity Tab, PR - Enter Quick PR and Enter Time Entry JC - Enter Labor Batches."
SMOtherAdded User Reports functionality to all report menus to allow a user to define a list of reports to display
SMOtherAdded ability to enter separate transmitter and payer information when creating the 1099 electronic file.
SMOtherAdministrator function added to new User column functionality.
SMReportsCombine the separate mailing labels in AR and PR into one report and added more sorting options
SMSystem General Import"JC Labor Import enhanced: added a Certified field, earnings type, hourly rate and skill ID should are no longer required and Job will default from the employee."
SMSystem General ImportAR Invoice import can now calculate taxes based on the Customer Tax Category
SMSystem General ImportAdded Ref3 field to Enter Sales Order
SMSystem General ImportGeneral Import supports the import of Physical Count Adjustments.
SMSystem General ImportAdded a General Import for Payroll Time Entry
SMSystem General ImportSM Products General Import now allows the import of Lot tracking fields.
SMSystem General ImportUpdated existing general imports to include new fields added in V10.
SMSystem General ImportSales Order import can now calculate taxes based on the Customer Tax Category
SMSystem General ImportAdded Project fields to the General Imports
SMSystem General ImportAdded general import for Inventory Warehouse information
SMOtherReduced the size of the AR Invoice line file by 30%.

ModuleItemRelease Notes
DEMOOtherAdded a new company in NFP to demonstrate Job Costing capabilities.