CYMA Release History: Version 10.5

Release Date: November 2008

The Version 10.5 Update contains all previously released updates and enhancements for CYMA Version 10.3 including:

Accounts PayableReportsAccounts Payable - Reports - There are now several sorting options available to the un-posted invoice register.
Accounts PayableEnter Quick InvoicesAP "Enter Quick Invoices" now allows credit entries.
Accounts PayableReportsAdded pop-up note information to vendor listing report
Accounts ReceivableReportsAccounts Receivable - Ledger Reports - All reports can now be sorted by Invoice number or Invoice date.
Accounts ReceivableReportsAccounts Receivable - Payment Register - Report now allows for a filter by check number.
Accounts ReceivableEnter Quick InvoicesAP Enter Quick Invoices now allows credit entries.
Accounts ReceivableEnter PaymentsAdded security checking to the Post button on Enter Payments and Enter Quick Payments
Accounts ReceivableEnter Payments"Bank ID" now defaults to last value used.
General LedgerProcess Un-Post Journal EntriesThe default filter relation value on "Batch ID" is now "Equal".
Inventory ControlEnter ReceiptsAdded "Vendor ID" to the proof report
Inventory ControlReportsProduct Status filter has been added to IC Stock Status report (IcStock.rpt).
Inventory ControlReports Product Line filter has been added to the IC Stock Status report (IcStock.rpt).
Inventory ControlReportsProduct Line filter has been added to the IC Cost Layer reports (IcCost.rpt & IcCost2.rpt).
Job CostingReportsJob Cost - Report - Task Report by Job - You can now sort by date on the Job Cost Task Report.
Job CostingReportsJob Cost - Reports - Job Cost Revenue Recognition report - Completely revamped
Job CostingReportsJob Cost - Reports - Job Cost Transaction Listing - Report now allows for filtering by cost category.
Job CostingReportsJob Cost - Reports - Budget Cost Category - Actual Quantity Fields no longer show $ signs.
PayrollReportsPayroll - Reports - Quarterly Earnings Report - This report will now allow filtering by 1099 employee.
PayrollReportsPayroll - Reports - Payroll Deduction Register - Report can now be filtered by Record ID.
PayrollReportsAdded sort by Location on the Entry Verification Report.
PayrollReportsAdded report totals to the Advance Feature Balance Report and Loan Feature Balance Report.
Purchase OrderReportsA Job ID filter has been added to the PO Quantity Status report (PoLdgr9.rpt).
Sales OrderEnter Sales Order Status InquirySales Order - Enter Sales Order - A new "Order Status" filter is now available when querying for a sales order.
Sales OrderReportsSales Order - Sales Order Report by Order Number now includes the customer name.
Sales OrderReportsAdded totals to SO Open Order Status report (SoShipDt.rpt).
System ManagerReport Printing Printing - Reports and Forms will now more effectively acknowledge printer attributes such as as a specific tray etc.
System ManagerSystemNew Pop-Up Calculator available during data entry at most "currency type" fields.