CYMA Release History: Version 12.2

Release Date: February 2011

The Version 12.2 Update corrects the most significant issues reported since the release of Version 12 in November.  The most noteworthy of these issues include:

Module Menu Item Description
AP Enter Quick Invoices Corrected a problem retaining the 1099 flag for invoices created in AP Enter Quick Invoices.  
AP Enter Invoices Allocations are now enabled for AP Invoices that are mapped to a Purchase Order when Inventory Control is not installed.
AP Enter Invoice Status Inquiry Invoice Status Inquiry / View Payments - now displaying payments.
AR Process Post to GL Invoices Corrected the SM-86 error that could occur when creating a Proof report Posting  invoices or payments to AR or to GL in a Windows 7 workstation to a 2008 Server.
AR Enter Payments Fixed a grid focus problem when selecting a line in Enter Payments.
BR Enter Retrieve Data Corrected problems with retrieving old data that has already been retrieved and cleared.
BR Enter Adjustments Adjustments marked for Bank Register Only no longer update as a regular adjustment.
GL Reports Corrected several problems with totaling of Net Income/Loss and Income before Taxes on the 12 Period Income Statement.  
GL Reports Credits now display on the History Trial Balance report.
GL Reports Corrected a Division by zero error on the "Income Statement (Group by Segment)" report in NFP.
GL Reports YTD totals have been corrected when running the Income Statement (Group by Segment) report for a range of dates and years.
HR Maintain Rate Tables Increased Rate Tables Values to allow for larger numbers.
HR Maintain Benefits Conversion of multiple companies no longer fails with a Code 88.  The error was because the Hr_EmpBenBal.dat file had an incorrect definition in the CYMA.CDD.
IC Enter Physical Count Adjustments Now Preventing an IC Physical Count Adjustment from driving a quantity on hand negative.
IC Enter Receipts Resolving Negative Quantity Transaction in IC Receipts has been corrected.
JC Process Reopen/Close Jobs Closing a Job is no longer prevented when transactions from other modules are posted.
PO Enter Purchase Orders Added Vendor button back to the Enter Purchase Order dialog.
PO Enter Purchase Orders Corrected a C4Edesk error when opening the Enter Purchase Order dialog on a Win2000 machine.
PR Enter Payroll No longer receive a Change Rate upon save when the Rate Field stayed the same.
PR Other New Puerto Rico tax tables for 2011
PR Other Illinois Tax table for 2011
PR Other Virgin Islands SUI rate increased to 22,600
SM System Utilities Purge History Corrected the GL Purge Process to create archive batches in history and improve the speed of processing.
SM System General Import Added the ability to import the company-side portion of workers comp, SDI, benefits, Roth and Pre Tax features.
SM Maintain Allocations GL Account ID column is no longer missing from AP Maintain Allocations.
SM Other Updated eDesk Calculators
SO Process Print Packing Lists Print Packing List now only shows actual quantities that are being shipped.
SO Process Shipments Printing packing list only shows product and quantities that are currently being shipped.