CYMA Release History: CYMA 23

Release Date: August 2023

The CYMA Version 23 Release is a major release including enhancements and corrections.

Highlights include:

Multi Year SUTA Rates

CYMA 23 has added an extensive method for tracking and reporting SUTA rates over multiple years and for multiple states. In previous versions of CYMA, when SUTA rates are updated, the current year rates become the only rate used in reporting. Now in Version 23, SUTA rates can be defined for all years in the CYMA system. Reports using prior year criteria will now accurately reflect the year defined rather than the current value in the configuration. Additionally, rates can be setup or imported by state or by client.  

Fiscal Agent / PEO Updates

AR DWS-ARK-209B/209C Reports

CO UITR-1/1A eFile Reports
CO FMLI Report
CO FMLI Registration

IL UI-3 40/UI-40A Reports

KS K-CNS 100/101 Report

LA LODL ES4 BC/61 Report

MN eFile Qtr W/H Form
MN MW-5 Report

MO MODES-4-7 Report

North Carolina
NC NCUI 101 Report
NC NC-3 Report
NC Payment Report
NC NCUI 101 & Payment Reports

OH SD-101(long) Report
OH SD-141 Report
OH IT-501 Report
OH IT-941 Report
OH IT-942 Annual Report
OH IT-942 Report
OH UCO-2QR Report

Rhode Island
RI TX-17 Report
RI Contribution Report
RI TX-17 and Contribution Reports

TX C-3/C-4 Reports
TX 750 Allocation List
TX C-3/C-4 & 750 Allocation Reports

WA Multiple Employer Tax Rate
WA 5208 A eFile Form

WI SUTA Data File Exchange

New Clear Daily Time Entries Options from the Process Menu
CYMA added the ability to Clear Daily Time Entries from Process menu. Previously, hours needed to be reversed through import or manual edit of each employee.

Reissue Voided Checks for Terminated Employees
In previous versions of CYMA, you could void a check for a terminated employee and reset their entries to the current pay period. Unfortunately, you could not change their status back to active to reissue a check. In Version 23, you will now be able to specify if a final check is necessary and continue with the Calculate Payroll option.

Limited Editing of Posted GL Journal Entries
After an analysis of the Journal Entry process, CYMA has opened up the editing of some fields in Journal Entries that have been posted. Description, Reference, and Attachments can be modified in Journal Entries in an open GL year. If the JE, appears in a closed year the only option remains to delete.

Purge Enhancements
CYMA’s Purge Utilities are vital for keeping an optimized system. In Version 23, CYMA has greatly enhanced the speed in which the process performs as well as providing additional options for reducing the overall footprint of the data.

Global Temporary File Handling
Optimized record deletion techniques used with temporary files impacting performance in both processing and reporting.

Employee Self-Service Portal
Optimized several queries used when retrieving historical check information resulting in faster retrieval of information.


New CYMA 23 Features and Corrections By Module

Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
General Ledger
Employee Self-Service
System Manager
Human Resources
Job Costing



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Module Menu Item Description
PR Enter Employee Feature Status Inquiry Added "Frequency" filter to Employee Feature Status Inquiry
PR Enter Employee Hours Status Inquiry Updated report with page numbers, print date and print time
PR Enter Payroll Status Inquiry Added "Frequency Group ID" as criteria in Payroll Status Inquiry
PR Enter Quick Payroll Added Trans Class codes to the Quick Entry proof report
PR Enter Time Entry Added ability to clear Time entries that are not posted to PR or JC
PR Enter Void Checks Added specific employee information to message PR-108 "Employee is not active"
PR Enter Void Checks Corrected process where check is voided for an Inactive employee and "Restore Entries" is required
PR Maintain Clients Options are now saved/default on the Employees tab
PR Maintain Clients Added SSN Mask validations during Client update
PR Maintain Configuration Added Schedule R (aggregate) filing option to the State configuration
PR Maintain Configuration Store SUTA Rates by Year at Payroll Config, Maintain Clients, and ATF Config levels.
PR Maintain Employees CYMA now allows the copying of accrued hours from one employee to another
PR Maintain Employees Added option for Reduced withholding for Missouri tax calculation
PR Maintain Employees Added checking in Maintain Employees to not allow the Feature Calc Method to be changed to Inactive if transactions exist in ESS.
PR Maintain Employees The Feature order is now consistent in Maintain Employees
PR Maintain Employees Corrected issue where Create and Resend PIN in the "Resend PIN" process did not clear the LockoutTime
PR Maintain Employees Corrected issue where an Employee could be activated and saved without standard validation
PR Maintain Employees Corrected issue where additional amount for SIT was copying when setting up successive employees
PR Maintain Pay Frequencies Validation in PR Frequencies only checks new and edited entries
PR Maintain Pay Frequencies Corrected issue where Future Pay Periods could not be defined when the Future Pay Period(s) predate the last established Accounting Year
PR Process Calculate Payroll Non Tax Earnings were removed from the grouping formula in the support proof
PR Process Create AP Invoices Added Bank ID to Create AP Invoice from PR Selection Criteria
PR Process Fiscal Agent EFiling Added eFile capability for Oregon SIT/SUTA Fiscal Agents
PR Process Fiscal Agent EFiling Corrected issue where Ohio SUTA form was not populating weeks worked
PR Process Fiscal Agent EFiling When eFiling, validate that the Client is open based on both the Start and Closed Dates
PR Process Fiscal Agent EFiling Added Minnesota SIT Bulk Payments eFile
PR Process Fiscal Agent EFiling Added SUTA ID to grid
PR Process Fiscal Agent EFiling Corrected issues with eFiling KC RD-110 Report
PR Process Fiscal Agent EFiling Rhode Island RI tx-17 report - payment now includes JDF and TDI tax amount in the Remit Amount field
PR Process Fiscal Agent EFiling Added Texas SUTA EFT allocation file
PR Process Fiscal Agent EFiling Added TPA ID to Payroll E-Filing dialog
PR Process Fiscal Agent EFiling Corrected Form NC-3 where wages were showing as blank instead of zeros when there are no wages
PR Process Print Checks Added Frequency to the Sort Options
PR Process Print Checks Corrected issue where the WC Allocation could be incorrect in the Payroll Check Distribution file
PR Process Retrieve Employee Taxes Re-added the "Process -> Retrieve Employee Taxes" menu item
PR Process Retrieve Employee Taxes Report criteria and table changes for Retrieve Employee Taxes
PR Process Tax Forms and Payments SSN is required and validated prior to the Aatrix process
PR Process Tax Forms and Payments Changes were required when passing the SOC code to Aatrix (AUF)
PR Process Tax Forms and Payments Filter for Location ID is now set to ALL when running the PA ACT32 report
PR Process Year End - Print and eFile W2s & 1099s North Carolina electronic W2 State Filing defaults to CR/LF
PR Process Year End - Print and eFile W2s & 1099s Updated W2 forms for current year
PR Process Year End - SSI/Medicare Refunds Added option to "Exclude" direct deposit features from the process
PR Reports Added a filter to exclude Inactive EFT features
PR Reports Added the Benefit Plan Provider Listing to the PR module
PR Reports Added additional filters to the Adjustment report
PR Reports Report was showing a black line for Non-Cash Earnings in NFP
PR Reports Updated all payroll journals and registers to use Description in the Group Header rather than only ID
PR Reports need to enhance to get Direct Deposits out of the Deductions Column and change Net Pay amount in far right column to be NetCheckAmt + Dir Deposit Am
PR Reports Modified report to use the "Complusory Deduction" flag in Maintain Configuration
PR Reports Added filters for "Posted to PR" and "Posted to JC"
PR Reports Report initially showed Payroll costs and now more accurately shows earnings and company side taxes
PR Reports Table changes for all existing CYMA reports including Year Based SUTA Rates
PR Enter Employee Feature Status Inquiry Added Exempt status to dialog and CSV export


Accounts Payable

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Module Menu Item Description
AP Enter Invoices Corrected issue where attachments were not copying with AP Invoice
AP Enter Void Checks GL Batch was missing Grant information from Voided AP checks
AP Process Print Checks Created a confirmation message counting the number of checks to be voided and reissued after selecting "Assign New Check Numbers" during the void process
AP Process Print Checks Added company name to the subject line of the email when processing EFT checks
AP Reports Corrected issue where when multiple checks are created against the same invoice line, the totals were incorrect for the vendor and ledger


Accounts Receivable

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Module Menu Item Description
AR Enter Invoices "Payment Date" on AR Invoice is now validated, if populated
AR Enter Quick Invoices Report will now break out lines that have different invoice numbers for the same customer


General Ledger

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Module Menu Item Description
GL Enter Journal Entries The system will now allow limited editing of Posted GL Journal Entries
GL Maintain Chart of Accounts Deletion of GL accounts now checks the customer product pricing table before allowing the delete.
GL Process Year End Close Changed closing GL process to ignore Aborted batches
GL Reports Added additional fixed selection criteria to the report to help with performance


Employee Self-Service

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Module Menu Item Description
PR Web Portal (ESS) SuperCheckHist.aspx Corrected Supervisor Check History report which was not displaying Client description correctly
PR Web Portal (ESS) SuperCheckHist.aspx Modified filter behavior work in Supervisor Check Status Inquiry
PR Web Portal (ESS) SuperCheckHist.aspx Updated SQL statement in ESS Check History pages
PR Web Portal (ESS) SuperCheckHist.aspx Conditionalized report to not show Client column if the company is not PEO or Fiscal Agent.


System Manager

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Module Menu Item Description
SM Maintain Accounting Periods Code 88 would result when setting up new accounting periods on a new company
SM Maintain Users Corrected resetting the PIN in Maintain Users was notresetting the PIN
SM Maintain Users The system will save the CYMA User PIN password to Web User PIN password when web user not checked
SM Reports Added a diagnostic report to look for aborted batches in GL
SM System General Import Rearranged fields on the Field Mapping screen to accommodate new field description at the bottom left
SM System General Import Add a new date field that would only be written to from the PR Transactions import
SM System General Import Added reference field to PR Time Entry import
SM System General Import Corrected issue where Workers Comp Code was not defaulting in PR Time Import
SM System General Import Corrected issue where AR Customer Import was clearing the EFT Account Info Fields when EFT status updated to inactive.
SM System General Import Added Last Run Time (Date/Time) to SM General Import Dialog
SM System General Import Added import for System Calendar Events
SM System General Import Corrected rounding issue with General import / GL Transactions
SM System General Import Commission Feature in General Import - Amount is now required
SM System General Import Changed default for EFT DD features to be % of Net when importing
SM System General Import Changed PR Employee General Import Hourly Rate display of 'Hourly Rate'
SM System General Import Added New Client State General Import to bring in Year information
SM System General Import Updated General Imports for current file changes
SM System Utilities Purge History Improved the performance of Purge Payroll Employees
SM System Utilities Purge History Improved the performance of Purge Account during GL Purge History
SM System Utilities Purge History Added option to delete SM Accounting Periods during GL Purge
SM System Utilities Recalculate Balances Modified the GL Recalc process to look for and delete aborted batches.


Human Resources

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HR Maintain Benefits Streamlined Eligibility options for Employee Benefit Status Values
HR Maintain Benefits Corrected HR Benefit Notes Tab Page where it was not allowing multiple line entry


Job Costing

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JC Enter Job Transfers Added option to Job Transfers to allow the transfer to happen on the original transaction date