CYMA Job/Project Cost Software Solution

CYMA Job/Project Cost Software Benefits

  • Eliminate spreadsheets and manual calculations!
  • Advanced Project Manager Tools: Advanced budgeting, estimating and assignment of task schedule
  • Give managers real time view of detailed job costs, outstanding PO commitments, invoices and payments to date
  • Improve job profitability when processing overhead allocation by job and/or by date range
  • Eliminate work duplication - easily copy from one job to another as a template

CYMA Job/Project Cost Software Features

  • Job Mask & Job Mask Reporting - 10 character, 5 segment job numbers (Prime, Sub, Task, Change, Orders)
  • 4 ways to budget each job
    • Detail - By Cost Item and Period
    • Summary
    • Summary by Cost Type
    • Summary by User Defined Cost Code
  • Cost Plus invoicing with Profit Percentage
  • Applied Overhead calculated automatically
  • User Defined Overhead Matrix
  • User Defined Cost Categories & Cost Codes
  • Transaction Classification Codes
  • Manage "retainage" with assignable retainage percentage
  • Default Cost Category
  • Copy Job functionality - copied existing Job creates new fully editable job.
  • Optional "Do Not Exceed Contract Value" warning
  • System-calculated fields for Budget Totals, Profit Margin Amount and Profit Margin Percent at the bottom of Budget tab.

Detailed Job Information

The CYMAIV Job Costing system tracks a wealth of information for each job. Job information includes:

  • 10 digit job number
  • 30 character job description
  • Customer Number
  • Job Status (Open or Closed)
  • Contract Number
  • Sales Order Number
  • Job Type (User Defined)
  • Invoiced to Date
  • Costs to date
  • Payments to date
  • Contract Value
  • Budget to Date
  • Costs/Budget Percentage to date
  • Project Manager (User defined)
  • Billing Method (Fixed Price, Cost Plus, Time & Material, Estimate to Complete)
  • Cost Plus Markup Percentages for 6 cost categories
  • Start date and end date
  • User selectable, job specific Posting Information (costs are posted to WIP or COGS)
  • User Define WIP & COGS movements
  • Job Specific Pricing for products
  • Job specific GL accounts for each cost type
  • Unlimited Job Notes
  • Unlimited user defined custom fields per job

Job Cost Categories

Costs are tracked by one of six job cost types:

  • Direct Labor
  • Direct Material
  • Other Direct Costs
  • Subcontractor
  • Other Costs
  • Overhead

Flexible General Ledger Integration

The job costing system is fully integrated with the CYMA General Ledger. The job costing module provides a very flexible way of assigning GL accounts for a job.

  • Default GL accounts at the Job Cost Configuration level:
    • WIP Direct Material
    • WIP Direct Labor
    • WIP Other Direct Costs
    • WIP Subcontractor
    • WIP Other Costs
    • WIP Overhead
    • COGS Direct Material
    • COGS Direct Labor
    • COGS Other Direct Costs
    • COGS Subcontractor
    • COGS Other Costs
    • COGS Overhead
  • GL accounts can be identical or unique per job cost type
  • Each job may have a unique set of GL accounts per job cost type
  • GL entries are automatically created when costs are transferred between jobs and when WIP costs are moved to COGS
  • GL Journal Entries with a job number are automatically posted to the job
  • Post job cost entries to the GL in detail or in summary. Summary posting summarizes entry to each unique occurrence of GL account, job number and job cost type.
  • GL Journal Entries use cost codes

Full Integration with Other Modules

The Job Costing system is also fully integrated with Accounts Payable, Payroll, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, and Purchase Order.

  • Assign job number to AP invoices, purchase orders, AR invoices and payroll entries.
  • AP invoices and payroll checks post automatically to the Job Costing module
  • When AP invoices and Payroll checks are unposted (or voided) entries are automatically removed from the job cost file
  • Automatic assignment of job cost type when entering AP invoices
  • User defined table of Skill levels contains billing rates for different types of labor
  • Job Cost billing process automatically creates AR invoice for billing purposes.

Capture Other Job Charges

Not all items to billed on a job have their origin as a "job cost". The system allows entering "job charges" that do not originate in an accounts payable, payroll or general ledger entry.

  • Create job specific billing rates for skill levels and products
  • Simple job charge data entry for product job charges and labor job charges
  • Job Charges may be transferred between jobs

Flexible Billing

The CYMA Job Costing System allows amazing flexibility in determining which costs to bill and the format of the customer invoice.

  • Easily select job charges to bill by cost type and date range
  • Each individual job charge may be marked-up/down as appropriate
  • Mark-ups and Mark-downs are tracked for statistical reporting
  • Costs are automatically adjusted by job specific percentage for "cost plus jobs"
  • Automatic AR Invoice Creation
  • Select from 4 different Job Cost Invoice formats or custom create formats
  • AR Invoice posting writes back billing information to the job file

Powerful Processing

  • Use advanced features to control job cost data entry, invoicing and job management
  • Powerful job transfer feature allows moving costs and charges between jobs. General Ledger entries, where appropriate, are automatically created
  • WIP to COGS feature allows for user selectable costs to be moved from WIP accounts to COGS accounts when revenue is recognized on a job
  • Close or Re-Open Jobs at any time - closed jobs may be billed, but no further entries are allowed
  • Move Jobs to history function allows for smaller job transaction files and faster overall performance

Powerful Reporting

  • Job Listing
  • Summary Job Listing
  • Job Listing Summary By Prime Job
  • Budget to Actual Comparison (Summary)
  • Budget to Actual (Detail)
  • Budget to Actual (Cost Only)
  • Job Types
  • Skill Listings
  • Product Listing
  • Project Manager Listing
  • Budget Reports
  • Open Commitment Purchasing Reports by Job, Cost Type and Products