CYMA Self Serve Online Training Videos

eFile 1099 with Standalone Aatrix (no TCC code necessary)

Class Date: N/A
Presenter: Pete Koblinski

This brief video covers using Aatrix to eFile 1099 if you do not have a TCC code for the FIRE system. CYMA does not support the IRIS format though you can manually create the CSV file.If you do not have a TCC code for the FIRE system, it may be too late to obtain one. We have the Aatrix process that can assist, but it’s a separate process/installer. Here’s a video detailing the process:

To download the Standalone Aatrix Preparer mentioned in the video click here to download or visit and choose OTHER in the Software dropdown.

To open in full screen click on CYMA Payroll Software Videos - Chrome, CYMA Payroll Software Videos - Firefox, or CYMA Payroll Software Videos - EDGE. Can't see the video below? Click here to download .