CYMA Payroll Service Bureau Software

Running a payroll service bureau is hard work. Why should it be so frustrating? And expensive? With per-check charges from online vendors and insufficient capability from low-end in house systems, it's hard to find a system that is affordable AND capable. CYMA gives you both.

Essential Payroll Service Bureau Tools: CYMA's Payroll Service Bureau Software offers a modular approach with just the tools you need: Robust Payroll supporting thousands of employees and hundreds of companies, Private Label Employee Self-Service, a highly flexible General Ledger (or you can use your own), advanced billing options (see below), and more.

Get Up and Running Quickly: Import clients, employees. Import hours from manual entry, time clocks or any .CSV file.

Advanced Billing Options: Employee, department, flat fee per check, markup %, miscellaneous charges. CYMA features unlimited invoice formats. Hundreds of features offer your clients additional services for billing opportunities.

Integration Options: From time clocks to time and attendance systems, CYMA's Payroll Service Bureau Software can work with your existing systems or CYMA can suggest other third party solutions to work with your desired business model.

Award Winning Customer Service: Call us; we'll pick up the phone every time. Your assigned CYMA consultant is there to help you at every step in the process.

Tax Reporting and Filing: All major state and federal tax forms for both printed and electronic filing. Integrated W-2, 1099, 94x and all critical state payroll tax forms for all 50 states


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"We have been using CYMA since 2006 to support nearly 1,000 employees in an incredibly complex payroll environment. The flexibility and power of CYMA software, combined with outstanding support, makes it possible to handle virtually any client need. And the web-based Employee Self Service System has been a big hit with our clients and employees!"

Chris Felix, MarketStaff

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