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CYMA PEO Software is designed as a payroll engine to power your growing PEO. Since 1980, CYMA has been a leader in payroll solutions and offers the flexibility, scalability, customization and technology capabilities to expand as your PEO adds companies. CYMA PEO Software was born from years of working with thousands of mid-sized organizations and their payroll needs. Pay thousands of employee for just pennies per check.

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For Growth Oriented PEO's - CYMA designed PEO Software for maximum growth opportunities offering unlimited companies, unlimited employees, unlimited payroll features. CYMA PEO Software grows with your organization through updated state and federal taxes and an unheard of level of customization.

Bill Anything - CYMA PEO Software offers granular, flexible billing control on a huge variety of payroll and tax features. Bill by product, markup %, cost plus, or by granular feature! CYMA's incorporated Accounts Receivable module ensures automatic and custom invoicing for any PEO Software configuration.

Third Party Connections - CYMA is pleased to partner with industry leaders for additional PEO software functionality. To review a full list visit our third-party partners page.

Pay Options - Checks, direct deposit, pay cards - CYMA PEO Software has the flexibility to handle your clients pay requirements.

Import Anything - Get up and running quickly: Import clients, employees. Import hours from manual entry, time clocks or any .CSV file. Or for your convenience use CYMA's Employee Self-Service to capture hours across your company client list.

Client Level Profitability - Run a client specific P&L to see how much you are making (or losing) on each client.

Flexible PEO Specific Options - CYMA PEO Software stores all clients under one database for consolidated reporting across your PEO clients. Additionally, CYMA PEO Software allows SUTA reporting & calculation at the PEO level, Client or PEO/Client option for maximum state compliance.

ACA Tools - Process for recording ACA data and processing 1095-C, 1094-C, 1095-B, and 1094-B forms. Use your payroll information to perform customized analysis including defined look back periods

Feature Rich - CYMA PEO Software is part of a full accounting software package. Do you have a client using jobs or grants? Perhaps your client needs costs to be distributed across multiple departments? Multiple states, including Pennsylvania? Direct Deposit, full W-2 processing, MICR checks and hundreds of other features are possible additions for your clients through CYMA PEO Software.

Benefits Management and Human Resources - Offer additional client services, like Benefits Management, Credential Management, OSHA Injury / Illness Reporting and more through CYMA's robust Human Resources offering. Fully integrated with Payroll, this vital addition to CYMA PEO Software offers additional revenue opportunities.

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"We have been using CYMA since 2006 to support nearly 1,000 employees in an incredibly complex payroll environment. The flexibility and power of CYMA software, combined with outstanding support, makes it possible to handle virtually any client need. And the web-based Employee Self Service System has been a big hit with our clients and employees!"

Chris Felix, MarketStaff

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