CYMA PEO Software Videos

CYMA's PEO Software Solution offers a unique and streamlined system for integrating staffing functions, payroll processing and advanced billing. CYMA has produced a series of videos illustrating our solution. Please review the videos below or if you would prefer a live demonstration, contact CYMA at 800-292-2962.

CYMA PEO Software Videos

  1. Introduction & Billing Templates - an introduction to the CYMA PEO Solution with clients, client groups, and billing templates.

  2. Maintain Clients - establishing a client including billing and feature grids where a client can have uniquely defined configuration for billing and invoicing

  3. Entering Payroll - CYMA's PEO Payroll Software solution offers multiple means of entering and importing time.

  4. Process Billing - CYMA's PEO Solution includes a powerful and flexible billing component for quick, custom invoice creation.

  5. Payroll Frequency By Client - CYMA's PEO Solution allows you to run payroll for a defined payroll frequency or a custom defined payroll frequency by client.