CYMA Staffing Payroll & Billing Software Videos

CYMA's Staffing Software Solution offers a unique and streamlined system for integrating staffing functions, payroll processing and advanced billing. CYMA has produced a series of videos illustrating our solution. Please review the videos below or if you would prefer a live demonstration, contact CYMA at 800-292-2962.

CYMA Staffing Software Videos

  1. Job Codes - CYMA's method for organizing job roles, skills, pay and billing rates and more for assigning workers to jobs.

  2. Clients - The staffing software solution's client storage center where bill and pay rates and other defaults can be individualized by client.

  3. Work Orders - The main work requirement entry and information resource of CYMA's staffing software.

  4. Entering Staffing Payroll Hours - The hour entry process is highly flexible with a filter based system that adjusts based on how you receive staffing hours.

  5. Billing - To complete the process, CYMA's integrated solution offers a straightforward billing component ensuring accurate client invoicing.


Typical Module Configuration