CYMA Software Maintenance Plan

The CYMA Software Maintenance Plan provides CYMA customers with continuing product updates. Enrolled customers automatically receive, or receive access to, all released product updates, upgrades, service packs and payroll updates for a period of one year. This ensures that your software is kept up-to-date and that you are reaping the benefit of CYMA's continued investment in product development.


  • The CYMA Software Maintenance Plan is less expensive than purchasing new software.
  • Enrolling makes it easier to keep software up to date, providing updates and new versions.
  • Access to the latest software, taking advantage of all the new features and product enhancements.
  • FREE online training classes and product documentation.
  • CYMA frequently offers special pricing discounts reserved for Software Maintenance Plan Customers.

The term of the Software Maintenance Plan agreement is one year from date of enrollment.

Excluded Products and Services

The CYMA Software Maintenance Plan excludes third party products including, but not limited to, Pervasive products, Crystal Reports, and F9. The CYMA Software Maintenance Plan is separate from support/consulting. Request for CYMA Consulting Services.

The CYMA Software Maintenance Plan ensures access to all the latest updates, services packs, payroll tax tables and versions of CYMA.

Required for New Customers

An enrollment in the maintenance plan is required for all new software purchases. This includes add-on modules to existing installations. For add-on modules the term and price is pro-rated to coincide with the existing maintenance agreement.

Distribution of Updates

Most CYMA updates are released through this website. CYMA reserves the right to charge a media and/or shipping and handling fee for selected releases if requested on physical media.

Expired Contracts

If your contract expires you will no longer receive program updates. You may renew your contract by paying applicable late fees. Once a new version of the software is released, you must first purchase the latest version (a 50% discount applies) before renewing your SMP.