CYMA Interactive Tutorials

This section focuses on specialized topics and shows the flexibility of CYMA's payroll, human resources and financial accounting systems. If you would like to submit an idea for a tutorial, please contact CYMA at 800-292-2962.

CYMA Human Resources Software Tutorials

Establishing a Medical Benefit - This example shows a straightforward, seven step process for adding a medical benefit for your employees, enrolling employees based on eligibility and pushing the costs to Payroll. Read more.

Tracking AFLAC Expense - AFLAC policies can be quite complex. This tutorial shows how to use CYMA Human Resources to push the exact expense out to employees without manually updating each employee in Payroll. Read more.

Variable Employer 401k Match By Length of Service - Some organizations offer different contributions for employees based on length of service. This tutorial will show you how to set this up for your organization using Payroll and Human Resources. Read more.

Setting Up Flexible Time Off Benefits - Some companies combine all type of leave (holiday, sick, etc.) into one Payroll benefit called "Flexible Time Off".  The CYMA Payroll and Human Resources system can be used to set the flexible time off accruals for each employee automatically. Read more.

Establishing Eligibility Rules for a Benefit - CYMA Human Resources offers a simple, yet highly flexible method for establishing eligibility rules. The beauty of the system, is that once the rules have been established, the eligibility system can intelligently include or exclude any new or existing employees during the enrollment process. Read more.