Step 7: Setting Up the Benefit

We are now ready to create the benefit that we will push to Payroll. "401K" is already established in the DEMO company as a benefit. You can either modify the existing benefit or create a new 401K benefit with a new ID. We will create a new "401K2" benefit below.


  1. Go to Human Resources / Maintain / Benefits
  2. Enter a new Benefit ID of "401K2" and hit tab to create the new benefit
  3. Complete all required fields (Effective Date, End Date, Description, Benefit Type) and any other valid field like Provider ID and Policy #
  4. Assign this Benefit to the Payroll Benefit established in Step 1. If you have already setup a 401k benefit under a different name, choose that Payroll feature here
  5. Look for the Company Participation section at the bottom right of the screen. Choose Rate Table and click on "Enter Rate Tables". Choose the "401KM - 401K Matching" table established above.
  6. Review Eligibility rules (if applicable)
  7. Save the 401K2 Benefit