Step 5 : Enter Employee "Elected Amount" in the Enrollment Grid

With AFLAC, employee amounts may differ greatly based on the product an employee has elected to purchase. Since we have established the AFLAC benefit with the "1 to 1 Per Unit Rate Table", entering the employee AFLAC amounts is simple.

  1. Select the AFLAC Benefit in Maintain Benefits
  2. Choose View Detail then choose View/Enroll/Update Employees
  3. Search for All Employees


You now essentially have a quick entry grid for entering the AFLAC amounts appearing on the monthly invoice; simply enter the amount of the employee invoice in the Elected Amt column.

Once these values are established, you do not need to re-enter them on a monthly basis. You should review your invoice against this grid to make sure that declarations have not changed, but you can update them easily.

After you have entered in the appropriate amounts from the AFLAC invoice, select the employees and choose Enroll / Update. A proof report will appear. If the values in the proof report are acceptable, close the report and say yes to the "Continue to Update Employee Benefits" dialog