Step 2: The Eligibility Tab

The Eligibility tab in Maintain Benefits contains various selection criteria that can granularly filter and define employee eligibility rules.

There are two eligibility requirements available: "All Employees" and "Specific Employees". If "All Employees" is selected, no further criteria can be established. If "Specific Employees" is selected as the eligibility requirement the ability to further define the eligibility terms are available.

First, let's evaluate the "Criteria" section:

Human Resources Eligibility Software

A combination of any of the following options can be used to define eligibility requirements:

  1. Employment type: Full Time, Part Time, Seasonal
  2. Resident of State
  3. Default Work State
  4. Employee in Eligibility Group (This can be established in Maintain Benefits / Employee Eligibility Groups)
  5. Position ID - This is helpful when applying a benefit to a group of employees based on job title, function or department. This can be established in Human Resources / Maintain Positions.
  6. Career Status - This can be configured in Human Resources / Maintain Employee Career Status. The demo company has values of Probationary, Regular and Tenured.
  7. Location (Established in Human Resources / Maintain Locations)
  8. Total Hours Worked Greater Than - This gives the option of setting a minimum number of hours or finer controls by date range or by month control.
  9. Age Greater Than
  10. Citizen