Step 3: More Eligibility Controls

Further eligibility controls are available through the Eligibility Date Criteria section. This section is controlled by two parts:

1. Date Lookup Order - This control offers consideration of what date should be considered and/or in what order. You can optionally use any order for up to three of the following dates:

Eligibility Date Criteria


  • Start Date
  • Hire Date
  • Rehire Date


2. Date Eligible - This considers the Eligibility Date Criteria selected above and can be used to fine tune eligibility if needed.

HR Date Eligible

Options include:

If you want to prohibit manual overriding of the system calculated enroll date, you can change the value of the Eligibility Date Override to "Prohibit", otherwise keep the selection as "Warn"

After all selections are complete, save the benefit and move on to step 4.