This 7 step chart will show you that about an hour or less is all you need to start tracking and reporting medical costs using CYMA Payroll and Human Resources

Step 1: Establish a Benefit or Pre-Tax Deduction

  1. In Payroll / Maintain Configuration, add a new medical deduction using either a Benefit feature or a new Pre-Tax Deduction feature.
  2. Select GL Accounts.
  3. Choose an Amount Per Pay Period as the Calculation method: NOTE: A dollar value of at least $1 needs to be in the "Employee Amt:" and "Employer Amt" fields. This will later be overridden by the calculated amount from HR
  4. Choose W2 Box and Code/Label: In the case of this medical benefit, we are choosing W2 "12 - Code" and "Code 4". In the next section we will modify the box label to 'DD'.
  5. Click Save