EFT is not an option when printing AP checks

Electronic Funds Transfer is a registered feature within CYMA Version 22 Accounts Payable. If the option to print to an EFT file is greyed out or is unavailable from the CYMA menu this could mean one of two things:

  1. The feature has not been registered. Please check System Manager / System / Register to see if an entry exists with a serial number starting with "EA" and a description of "Accounts Payable EFT". If this is not in the list then you must obtain a new serial number and validation code.

  2. The feature has been registered but security has not been enabled. If the menu option for processing Accounts Payable EFT (Process / Electronic Funds Transfer) is greyed out and you have registered the EFT serial number (see above), you may not have security rights to the process. After applying the new codes, please have a CYMA Administrator review any CYMA user that should have access to these features through System Manager / Maintain / Users and the CYMA Security Tab.