Checking Contribution Limits Across Multiple Features

It is not uncommon for an employee to have multiple 401K/Roth features for a variety of reasons. The 2019 contribution limit is $19,000 or $25,000 (age over 50) across ALL of their 401k/Roth features. The annual maximum inside CYMA is specific to a single feature, meaning users must manually address annual contribution limits by reviewing multiple features per employee.

CYMA has created a custom proof report designed to run in a batch during the Calculate Payroll process. The report utilizes the yearly balance file (Pr_BalYr.dat) to find the YTD contributions for each feature, adds in the Current Payroll Amount, and alerts if an employee will be over the Annual maximum across all selected features (based on the employee's age).

Your CYMA Consultant can install and tailor or this report to your exact needs in approximately an hour of time. To request more information, please submit a consulting request.