Codes for Report Selection Criteria

Have you ever needed to print a batch of reports all at once? Ever needed to have your entire month end reports available to print at the click of a button? Ever need to run the same report over and over again for a different set of accounts, vendors or customers?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Batch Reporting facility can assist you. Using this facility you can define any number of report "batches". Each batch may consist of any number of reports (even across modules) and/or may have multiple instances of the same report (with different selection criteria). So for example you could have:

Batch 1 - Current Period Payroll Reports

  1. Current Check Register
  2. Payroll Journal
  3. Current Deduction Register
  4. Current Tax Summary

Batch 2 - Financial Reports

  1. Income Statement Location 1
  2. Income Statement Location 2
  3. Income Statement Location 3
  4. Balance Sheet - Entire Organization

Batch 3 - My Favorite Reports

  1. Income Statement
  2. Payroll Employer Balance Report
  3. AR Aging
  4. AP Cash Requirements Report

Batches are established by using the System Manager - System - Print Batch Reports menu.

To create a new batch, click on the create/edit button. Click on "new" and enter a batch id and report name. Then drag the reports you want to include in the batch from the right side of the screen to the left side of the screen. Before saving the batch, click on each individual report on the left side and type in the selection criteria for each report.

When setting up the report selection criteria you may now use codes instead of defining specific dates. On the Enter Batch Reports screen you can set report variable that will automatically populate the equivalent field in the report selection criteria. You can enter actual years and periods or use the codes. This makes it easier to run the same reports for different criteria without having to open the report selection criteria.

For Example: If you set up all your financial statements as one batch and want to run them each period you could do this two ways.

1. Set the report selection criteria in the report to @CP for the current period and @TY for the current year. When you run these reports it will run for the current period and year that the GL module is set to. The advantage to this is you can run the reports without having to change any configuration settings.

2. Set the report selection criteria to any value and enter the actual year and period in the Report Variables section. Each month you can go into the batch and change the year and period. The advantage of reporting criteria is to allow running past and future periods much easier.

Here is the list of codes:


@FDCQ First Day Current Quarter
@LDCQ Last Day Current Quarter
@FDTY First Day This Year
@FDLY First Day Last Year
@LDTY Last Day This Year
@LDLY Last Day Last Year
@FDCM First Day Current Month
@LDCM Last Day Current Month
@TDY Today
@YES Yesterday
@30A 30 Days Ago
@60A 60 Days Ago
@90A 90 Days Ago
@30F 30 Days From Now
@60F 60 Days From Now
@90F 90 Days From Now
@120F 120 Days From Now


@SW Starting Day of the Current Week
@EW Ending Day of the Current Week


@CP Current Period
@FP First Period
@LP Last Period
@PP Previous Period



@TY This Year
@LY Last Year
@TWYA Two Years Ago
@THYA Three Years Ago


@CQ Current Quarter
@LQ Last Quarter

When you are ready to print the reports in a batch select the "Print Reports for" button. Select a single Batch ID or multiple Batch IDs by holding the Ctrl key while selecting the Batches.

Please note that in this version all reports must be printed to a printer. Future versions will allow you print batch reports to a file.