Setting SOC (Standard Occupational Codes) in CYMA

Many states are now requiring Standard Occupational Codes (SOC Codes) as part of quarterly SUI filings. CYMA supports these codes and your CYMA consultant is available to assist you in loading these codes onto employee records so that you stay in compliance with quarterly unemployment filings. The process for loading these codes is as follows:

  1. Use the CYMA General Import to load the “master list of codes” from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) into your CYMA system. Your CYMA Consultant can assist you in developing the import script. Further, you can download a csv file of all available codes from here.
  2. Determine the appropriate code for each employee. The BLS web site offers a “title match” system that may ease this process.
  3. Either load the code individually on the SUTA feature for each employee or have your CYMA Consultant assist you in importing a file of employee ID’s and their code.

CYMA Version 19 supports these SOC codes in the embedded Aatrix tax forms system. We encourage you to take the appropriate action to get these codes in place.