Offline Registering F9 Version 6 or Version 5.5

The process to activate the F9 Version 6 (or 5.5) license can be followed in the F9InstallationGuide.pdf. Most installations allow for online activation or reactivation. This example may help those who have to perform an Offline activation. This 'extra' documentation is a quick overview on how to process the Offline Method for F9 License - Activate F9 Reporter.

For this example choose: Activation Mode: Offline

Follow the  steps below:

  1. Step 1 Generate Request
    1. The process creates a BIN file with Device and License Information.
    2. Save the file a to folder/location where you can find it
    3. Leave this F9 License - Activate F9 Reporter screen open, minimize it
    4. Once the saved .bin file to a shared location is done then and go to a computer with internet access or same computer
    5. Login to the Customer Portal:
    6. On the left side under Devices,
    7. select Offline Device Management
    8. Select Generate License as Upload Type
    9. Browse to the saved .bin file, click Upload the BIN file you saved
    10. Once the file is upload then
    11. in the Offline Device Management
    12. press to Generate License
    13. You will then see new line of information that says: License has been generated successfully, please click here to download the new license.
    14. Click on the link that will allow you to save new BIN file to shared folder/location; such as the file you saved and uploaded earlier
    15. Once you Copy the new .bin file to the shared location
    16. Go back to the F9 License - Activate F9 Reporter screen
    17. In the screen go next process
  2. Press Step2: Process Response
    1. Browse to new file you created.
    2. Wait until the system processes the new information
    3. You should get a message that the F9 product is successfully activated
    4. If the process fails, then contact CYMA/F9 Technical Support.