How to move CYMA to a New Computer

This tutorial assumes that you are moving the main installation of CYMA. If you are installing a new workstation to connect to CYMA, please refer to the installation guide.

  1. Place the old company data folder onto a working drive where it is accessible for future use. Note: Old company data folder refers the data folder that was in the old machine running the host server or standalone CYMA system. Please keep this folder available up to one month after you have installed the new server. You may delete that CYMA folder after you have ensured there is no need for it.
  2. Deactivate Actian PSQL in the Actian PSQL License Administrator by selecting the license and clicking Deactivate.
  3. It is highly recommended that you review the Installation Guide for your version of CYMA before proceeding.
  4. Install Actian PSQL as a service and the new CYMA system onto the new server where it will either be the host as server or standalone machine. The current default drive location for installation may be c:\\CYMA\CYMA4. This location is usually installed by that default unless it has been decided to install at another drive location.
  5. Download and apply the latest service pack for same version. Supported CYMA updates are available from the CYMA Update Center.
  6. Log into CYMA as SYS for system admin and select the company ID named Demo. This will allow a chance to check the system set up and proper installation.
  7. Review reports in the Demo Company and make sure there are no problems accessing any Active Modules.
  8. Log out of CYMA.
  9. Locate the old CYMA directory from the old server that includes top level directory. If you are using the FMS product then top level directory is likely named CYMA4.
  10. Login to CYMA on the old server.
  11. Go to the System Manager module and select Maintain Company
  12. Preview current and historical file data paths for each company (ex "..\DEMO\").
  13. If the companies are in the in the top level directory such as .\companyname then we are safe to say that the files are stored in the top level directory of the CYMA host computer such as CYMA4 for the FMS product.
  14. Preview and or print report named Company information. This report will guide you to which company folders will need to be copied from the old server’s CYMA top level directory to the new server’s top level directory.
  15. Open the main CYMA directory on the old maching and copy all of the company data folders - these match the company ID in CYMA.
  16. Paste the old company data folder files into the new CYMA4 company data folder. Note: This will only copy the company data folders that you use on constant basis. You may still have backup of data folders and it will be your decision on what to do with them.
  17. Copy any systemwide reports, checks, or forms that have been created or customized to the new server. These systemwide forms, checks, etc. reside in the main CYMA directory. Any specific company reports reside in the company folder and will be copied in the prior step.
  18. Copy all of the important control files from the old server’s top level to the new server’s top level. Note: if you are using the FMS product then most likely the top level directory may be named CYMA4.

    For FMS they are:

    For NFP they are:

    * May not be included in the folder, but should be moved if they exist

  19. Important Note: If using Aatrix for tax payments and form processing (eFile W-2, 941, ACA forms, etc), the Companies folder should be backed up and copied to the new installation at the same path. The Companies folder is located on the Server/Host. The folder can be found in the Aatrix Forms folder within the CYMA4 folder of the main CYMA install. Typically the path would be:  C:\CYMA\CYMA4\Aatrix Forms\Companies. Drives and folders may vary based on your specific install. 

Note: if you are not using the same computer then you will need to make sure you have your System Manager Serial Number and new Reference Code available to re-register your software at the website.

If you are using CYMA in a networked environment, the next steps to take are to share the CYMA folder to allow everyone full permissions and the Actian PSQL security permissions giving everyone full permissions. Review the steps below for CYMA Workstation configurations after moving the main installation of CYMA.

Installing the Workstation and connect to New Server

Any Workstations will need to re-map the network drive currently assigned to the old CYMA program on the old server computer to the new server, even though it may or may not be the same name of the computer as before. When the new mapped network drive is done at each workstation then follow these steps to ensure clients are able to connect to the new server/host computer’s CYMA installed program successfully.

  1. If not already installed, install Actian PSQL Database engines from the CYMA installation.
  2. Remove CYMA using the Control Panel’s Add or Remove Programs
  3. Delete the CYMA directory.
  4. Reboot computer if system requires it.
  5. Install CYMA and choose Workgroup when prompted.
  6. When prompted, browse out to the new network drive that has been mapped to the new server computer. This is the destination location being requested by the system to locate during the install process.
  7. Install the Workstation components locally to the computer.
  8. Login to CYMA using normal User ID and password.