Void Check and Remove Original Invoice

Enter Void Checks
When “Enter Void Checks” is selected from the Accounts Payable Enter menu the Enter Voided Checks dialog box displays. This operation allows you to mark one or more checks as Voided.

Once the voided check is posted to Accounts Payable by selecting the Post button, the invoices paid by the voided check are reopened. As part of the post process the amount paid by the check, plus any discounts taken, are added to the Vendor's current amount owed on the History tab page in Maintain Vendors. Also, the amount of the check is subtracted from the PTD and YTD Payment fields and any discounts taken are subtracted from the PTD and YTD Discounts Taken fields.

The system will mark the voided check as not posted to the General Ledger, thereby allowing the system to select the voided check entries the next time the Process/Post to GL/Checks operation is performed. When the voided check entries are posted to the General Ledger, an entry is created to reverse the original check.

When voiding the check, you have the option to remove the original invoice if certain conditions are met.  If the check paid only one invoice or if the invoice was paid fully by only one check you can select the option to Remove Original Invoice.

Remove Original Invoice
Select the Remove Original Invoice box if you would like the system to remove the invoice that was paid by the check selected for voiding.  If the original invoice was not posted to the General Ledger, the invoice will be permanently deleted. If the original invoice was posted to GL the system will create a credit invoice and a General Ledger Journal entry to clear the invoice totals.

Note: The system will only remove an invoice that was paid in full by the check being voided.  If the invoice was paid by multiple checks or if multiple invoices were paid by the one check, the system not remove the original invoices, but rather will reopen the invoices for payment. If you wish to “remove” these now opened invoices, enter and post offsetting invoices so that the total of the original invoice and the new offset invoice is zero. Selecting the two invoices (that net to zero) in the “Select Invoice to Pay” process will result in the invoices being marked as paid and a “zero dollar” check processed behind the scenes.