Error Code 12 and Error Code 3

Recently since 9/20/2019 we have had more users experiencing an Error Code 12 followed by an Error Code 3 than normal.  An Error Code 12 can occur when a CYMA Workstation/Client program is not able to access a data file needed for the current operation being performed.  We suspect this is due to some CYMA workstations receiving and applying a Windows update.  The update appears to have removed a registry entry needed by the program to operate normally.    If you experience this issue, follow the steps below to remedy the problem.

The CYMA Workstation having the issue may need to have the registry edited to stop a timeout issue getting access to the DAT file. At the CYMA Workstation computer receiving the Error Code 12/ Error Code 3 issue, perform a procedure as detailed below.

  1. Download the file
  2. Extract on the CYMA Workstation computer to a location that you will remember.
  3. Right click on the extracted file "CySmb.bat" and "Run as Administrator"

Performing these steps should correct the issue at the CYMA workstation (no update is necessary at the main CYMA installation.

If you require assistance, please contact your CYMA consultant at 800-292-2962.