Code 161 - Registering Actian PSQL

CYMA is designed to work with the Actian PSQL database. When installed Actian PSQL (Workgroup and Server) will function for 30 days; you will need to purchase a license key to continue using Actian PSQL. After that 30 day period expires you may get a Code 161 error; this error can usually be resolved by purchasing and entering a valid licence code. Contact CYMA at 800-292-2962 to purchase a Actian PSQL license key.

Please note that when installing Actian PSQL you will be presented with both a License entry screen and a Registration screen (the Registration screen will ask for a Part Number). Please close the Registration screen (asking for Part Number) as it is an unnecessary step.

Once you have a valid license key you may enter it through the following steps.

  1. Go to Start / Programs / Actian PSQL / Actian PSQL / Utilities / License Administrator

    The following screen will appear

  2. In the applied license box, you should see a Actian PSQL Workgroup or Server Product with a License Type of "Temporary". To add a permanent license, simply enter the new License Key provided by CYMA into the License Key area and click Apply License Key.
    PLEASE NOTE: License Keys are version specific. License Keys for older Actian PSQL versions will not function. If you require a new Actian PSQL License Key, contact CYMA at 800-292-2962.

  3. Once you have added your license key close out of the window.

    PLEASE NOTE: In addition to applying the Server License Key, Actian PSQL Server and Workgroup customers will also have to apply the Client edition to each CYMA installation.

Additional Possible Code 161 Causes

The maximum number of user count licenses has been reached

You attempted to open another session when you were at the limit of your user count license. Either close a session, restart Actian PSQL at the Host maching, or upgrade your user count. For more information about purchasing and installing additive user counts, refer to Getting Started With Actian PSQL. You can use the Monitor utility to determine which users currently have connections to Scalable SQL. For information about the Monitor utility, refer to the Actian PSQL User's Guide.

It is possible to receive this error when using either the Actian PSQL Workgroup Engine (WGE) or the Actian PSQL Server Version Engine (SVE).

This error message references the Actian PSQL user count which is separate from the number of users you have registered in CYMA.

The Actian PSQL License Administrator utility will allow you to view / add licenses.

From the Window Start button, choose Programs / Actian PSQL V13 / Other Utilities / License Administrator. The product and number of licensed users are displayed in the Current User Count group box.


If the services for Actian PSQL on the server can not be turned off, because they are needed by another application and the WGE can not be configured to ignore it, then neither CYMA nor the data can be located on the Server. You can install the main CYMA program and data onto one of the workstations and use that machine as the host computer - as you would in a peer-to-peer environment.